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To make a search, use the name of a place, city, state, or address, or click the location on the map to get lat long coordinates.

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About LatLong is an online geographic tool that can be used to lookup lat long of a place, and get its coordinates on map. You can search for a place using a city's or town's name, as well as the name of special places, and the found latitude longitude will be shown on the right side of the page. At that, the found place will be displayed with the point marker centered on map.

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Recent Comments

LatLong 2014-12-19 14:30:00

@ Lynne
Where the satellite images taken from is written on the bottom of the map due to location.
Google maps puts these names on map automatically.

Thank you.

Lynne 2014-12-18 12:31:36

I like your site very informational, is there a way to tell us when the satellite pictures were taken in certain areas of certain lat/ long?

astrologer elangovan 2014-12-18 09:13:44

really useful for making a birth chart for indian astrology. thank you.

Raymond 2014-12-15 06:54:31

Useful tool.....
Will be much better if it had a distance measure in km and/ or
nautical mile...

JHONEN KANE 2014-12-09 22:54:34

This site is extremely useful. So cool

Ella 2014-12-09 01:43:55

This is really useful, it is also useful when it comes to a school project I am working on with the map of Pinellas county with Longitude, Latitude and elevation

dinesh 2014-12-08 15:11:01

Seems to be the best

hazaarthaiah 2014-12-08 12:26:19

it very usefull geo tool
save my time

noah 2014-12-04 23:46:40

lifesaver on my Spanish head

Jim 2014-12-03 09:10:24

Very powerful tool. It would be even better if you can make reserve search available (type in latitude & longitude and get the place).

bvsyadav 2014-12-02 04:56:07

it is very helpful

Bangalore WebZone 2014-12-01 08:16:10

Its help me lots to done a job very quickly. Thank you.

No Names cuatro cero ocho 2014-11-25 19:16:33

i like this its cool

gabe 2014-11-20 16:28:21

thanks it works awesome

abhay kaushik 2014-11-20 11:13:48

realy help ful

Tracy 2014-11-19 18:05:00

Life saver for my visual presentation!!!

Jackson the boss 2014-11-19 15:21:58

This is awesome I couldn't ask for a better coordinate calculator!!!

Prasad 2014-11-19 12:28:14

saving my time. tnx

Zois 2014-11-19 10:06:33

I just love you guys!!

Nicolae Carpatia 2014-11-19 08:13:35

Ziggurat Of Ur (The real-existing Tower of Babel) is in lat 30.9627, long 46.103082.

Glory to the mankind!
N. Carpatia

mamo munir 2014-11-17 17:46:33

Very good

M 2014-11-17 01:16:43

Way cool big help! Thanks

guest 2014-11-15 12:06:18

It is an valuable asset, thanks for your website

Joe King 2014-11-14 13:01:58

Very useful tool

zasa 2014-11-14 08:16:26

very good.

pippy 2014-11-13 19:36:34

Very simple

Jayachandra 2014-11-13 12:27:33

I have a co-ordinate value in one co-ordinate system. I want to change that co-ordinate values into latitude, longitude values

Note 2014-11-13 06:17:34


Is your service free?
Can I use it for convert lat/long to different format such as DMS, UTM, Address, etc. in my web service?


Arabella 2014-11-13 00:24:02

I use this website at least every month! It's very useful and isn't complicated to use.

Rex Graham 2014-11-12 02:10:40

I love your site. It works over land very well. There is an atoll west of Madagascar called Europa Island (-22.360554, 40.351925) that is an important nesting site for Green Sea Turtles. My mapping application can't use lat/longitude, but needs an address or website. The web address ( your service generated didn't work either. Any ideas?

Vipin 2014-11-11 11:08:02


pulikt 2014-11-10 04:28:29

website is very well

Bob 2014-11-08 21:36:30

Is there a simple, mathematical formula to convert latitude/longitude into UTM coordinates in Zone 18T?

Chuck 2014-11-07 20:09:13

In addition to the latitude and longitude, the form that I am completing asks for the horizontal reference datam, horizontal collection method and the reference point. How do I determine these?

LatLong 2014-11-05 13:07:11

We do not have an api for now.

Jay 2014-11-05 11:21:28

Do you have an api?

Mary 2014-11-05 09:39:25

you are a life saver

Geo 2014-11-04 16:16:20

I like the new design,
very useful geo tool.

thank you.

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