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About DMS to Decimal Degrees

You can convert degrees, minutes, seconds for both latitude and longitude to decimal degrees. Simply enter the DMS values for lat or both lat and long, than press the convert button. The decimal degrees coordinates will be calculated and displayed below the form. Also the map will be centered to the DMS coordinates.

How to Convert Degrees Minutes Seconds to Decimal Degrees

First of all let's take a look at the symbols:
° : degree
' : minute
" : second

1 minute is equal to 60 seconds.
1 degree is equal to 1 hour, that is equal to 60 minutes or 3600 seconds.

To calculate decimal degrees, we use the DMS to decimal degree formula below:
Decimal Degrees = degrees + (minutes/60) + (seconds/3600)

DD = d + (min/60) + (sec/3600)

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Texas Mike 2016-10-29 23:56:58

I tried using the formula provided in excel in order to convert to DMS to decimal.
I find the DMS from Google Earth then plug the formula into excel to convert to decimal. When plugging the converted Decimal coordinates into google earth - it is off by a good amount. I assume that this is due to the projection not being used a regional/local level.
Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

sergio57 FRANCE 2016-08-06 06:44:21

nice page well made and very instructive

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