Convert Lat and Long to Address

Type the lat and long coordinate values and press Convert button. Reverse geocoded address will shown on the map below.

Example: 39.920770

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View latitude and longitude coordinates on the map. Convert lat & long to address. Note that the tool will try to reverse geocode the lat long, if it failed, only lat long will shown on the map.

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J Z 2017-12-07 16:15:52

Wanted address in Western US and it gave me the China address. I didn't see anywhere you could tell it E or W Longitude

Bhavik Gabani 2017-11-29 06:25:10

Nice site for developing and testing with google map..

I like it...

tije jamil 2017-11-25 11:18:18

very good and nice

Priyantha 2017-11-19 01:19:25

This is great......very helpful.....

Cary 2017-11-17 19:58:57

Absolutely love this.

Srinivas K 2017-11-14 08:50:00


Bipul Roy 2017-11-02 06:47:15 is the best whatever I seen. Great work and continue...

mahoob asif 2017-11-01 18:13:45

very nice work and it is very useful keep it up good work

messi 2017-10-30 17:46:41

lat long is the best

Stian Skjelbred 2017-10-23 14:13:41

Do you have an API for this?

garmin dork 2017-10-22 21:53:56

geocache ppl will not be pleased; makes it too easy for thieves to drive directly to the cache and plunder all there.

palladium project 2017-10-07 11:37:53

its really very useful...thanks

sandesh R.jogi 2017-10-03 13:33:06

can any one tell me how to get latitude & longitude by knowing only boothid/boothname or constituency name /constituencyid

Hobie 2017-10-03 06:26:35

This is awesome. Very useful. Sugoi.

Chintan Panchal 2017-09-27 09:01:17

Very Useful.

Manasa 2017-09-26 11:42:49

Its good thank you guys :-)

Christina 2017-09-20 16:15:17

How would a find the street address for the latitude and longitude

Somendra Raj 2017-09-20 08:20:59

Its Awesome, very useful for developers, as well as users

Tin Ho 2017-09-05 07:25:50

Thanks Developers. What a useful Website !!

Justin 2017-08-30 11:03:10

Very much appreciated if you have received this communication or the information contained in this category is not responsible for the first time in the UK. I have been a while. I have been a while. I have been a while. I have been a while. I have been a while. I have been a while, but I think the best way to get

Ifham 2017-08-28 00:08:19

Well developed website for location using lats and longs. The interface is quite user friendly and easy to use.
Thanks Developers

Rick 2017-08-17 23:34:35

What are the working eqausions to manually convert each reading from minutes to decimal etc

conservationist 2017-08-10 04:51:45

Terrific. Terrific. And unique and special -- there are many sites that will tell you the L/L when you put in a place name, but this is the only one (I can find) which goes the other way -- put in a L/L and find out the jurisdiction that that point falls within! Hey gals and guys, that is special! The one improvement I would like is batch processing. Put in a batch of L/L points and get a batch of results. If you have, as I do, 500 L/L (in Asia !), converting them one by one in order to find the jurisdictions is (shall I say) time-consuming, so some form of batch processing would be greatly appreciated.

REX 2017-08-02 12:27:23

Nice site to locate lat and long

Stef 2017-07-31 07:27:26

Very usefull, guys nice work

Emmanuel Emagun 2017-07-27 21:20:21

Nice and Clear work Thanks

AJMAL KHAN 2017-07-26 10:16:44

i save this on my system. it bring me best employee of the year in my department. thnanks

Abdelhak 2017-07-10 17:56:43

Excellent work. Thanks

santhosh 2017-07-01 17:05:21

How can i see a point of latitude and longitude in a continent or a city

John 2017-07-01 01:44:40

When you put a Latitude and Longitude in, it doesn't zoom in close enough!

deepak 2017-06-28 12:54:01

really helpful and results are exact. Thanks A lot

Roberta 2017-06-25 22:39:33

i have the latitude & longitude of where my cell phone is but how do I get a physical address. I know it is in Alpine California

ashish 2017-06-10 10:36:18

its very helpful. Thanks

Amit Singh 2017-06-02 11:04:44


Willie 2017-05-10 19:17:48

Got my co-ordinates for my Tom Tom, since I did not know how to convert from Lat- Long to South- East.
Fantastic Tool

Kirti 2017-05-06 08:35:22

I have entered latitude and longitude. I need to print the exact location in the map. How do i do it?

Daniel Gleba 2017-05-05 20:04:13

Very useful website! Perfectly!

Tholswea 2017-05-05 06:07:07

It is wonderful . and very useful for me . thank you so much for such a useful website

meenu rani 2017-05-04 07:55:13

It's a very useful website. Thanks u sir
Plss share me the format of geocoded address

Kaushik 2017-04-24 07:05:18

Useful website, thanks!

Babu Clappana 2017-04-12 07:19:11

Great Work...Appreciated.

sumit chandra 2017-03-31 09:10:13

Thanks team for such useful website. Its really helpful.

Ivan 2017-03-23 22:15:23

Useful website, thanks!

Bill 2017-03-16 21:47:03

Very Nice website. Also Very Helpful.

Joan 2017-03-08 10:28:23

Can you share the api?

Madhulatha 2017-03-03 07:42:35

It is very Useful..Thanks

LLH 2017-02-21 00:43:57

Fantastic tool! It is amazingly accurate! Helped catch a few felons!

Ramin Mahmudv 2017-02-20 17:12:51

thank you very much for this usefull project

Alex 2017-02-16 09:39:42

Really helpful, thanks man :)

Noman Baloch 2017-02-14 10:58:54

Great work its very helpful to me

Manoj 2017-02-13 06:20:31

great, if u provide any api it will be much useful.

Gobalakrishnan 2017-02-05 05:48:47

Good stuff. Very useful. Is there any API?

Umar 2017-01-20 07:42:24

Great work guys. appreciated.

Basit Mehr 2017-01-16 17:52:25

Good Work...Appreciated..

Nirav Prabtani 2016-12-29 07:48:52

Very useful website, I am working with an application which needs lat,long many times.
I got it from yoursite with reference to address.

Thank you for creating it.

SAR 2016-12-28 18:07:51

Good site to get good information about address and lat, long

Sugar 2016-12-14 19:39:13

Thanks so much great job!

Siddhi 2016-12-13 12:37:29

this is very useful..thanks

Vishal Mastermind 2016-12-13 07:55:46

Good site

Andrew 2016-12-01 11:14:20

Thank you! It's very usefull

Annie L. 2016-11-26 21:30:31

My son sends me travel info on his SPOT Gen 3 Tracker. I tried to determine an address from your reverse LatLong conversion site. I received this message: "Geocoder failed due to: ZERO_RESULTS"

Could it be that he sent the spot check message from somewhere near the home he was going to be visiting but not actually at the house yet?? I've received this answer before on this trip and didn't know what to make of it.

Ankit 2016-11-25 07:05:29

Awesome website...
Thanx for help.

MADHUKAR CHAUHAN 2016-11-22 10:01:43

This is a really very good site to find a lat-long. When I come to find lat-long of any place, I will switch on this website every time. It gives me accurate data which I want. Thanks to all of this team. Keep it up.

Elbin 2016-11-10 09:57:15

Nice Website... Thanks...

Tim 2016-10-12 02:20:42

Great site!! I wanted the lon/lat of where my daughter was born to engrave on a charm for my wife. This way we can always remember where she was born no matter what happens in that spot in the future!! Thanks!

yogendra sharma 2016-09-24 11:03:20

very good web site
a wonder usefull this site

ava 2016-09-08 22:04:18

thx so mush had to to do a stupid assignment and this was so quick and eay

Balu 2016-09-08 08:46:59

very useulll site tqs

CASEY 2016-09-03 04:27:24


Sandra Floral 2016-08-25 06:37:24

Very useful site is this... !!!!
Thanks for your attempt :)

rose 2016-08-10 10:56:52

very useful.. Thank U..

Donna 2016-08-09 19:29:43

How do you add a place to maps at a particular coordinate. I wish to add the site of a public prayer garden?

shekhar raut 2016-08-06 07:16:50

very useful web site

MMG 2016-08-03 03:20:40

Excellent reference tool, I use it all the time to double-check the accuracy of our phone apps!
An easy to use yet superb implementation of GM API. Thanks!

sanjeev gupta 2016-07-24 08:43:01


Hrishabh 2016-07-22 11:07:24

Very useful website

BenjaminDawson4416111 2016-07-12 03:22:58

For all those unaware, these cordinates are used to identify any place on Earth so that satellites can focus in that primary area and link smaller surveillance tools to a real time location for making sure any and all activity can determine all actions that may be occuring. This includes all telecommuncations of any type no matter how big or small.

Kevin R 2015-12-08 13:30:44

Useful tool to manually verify Lat/Lon from data derived from the GoogleMaps API - Much appreciated,

Kiran Panchal 2015-09-14 18:41:54

very fast searching location with decimal value and get fast exectly clear picture.

great tool

Karl Fink 2015-09-13 20:37:09

Maybe you should but a key for the people who don't know how to use it. For example. N= E= W= - S= - . N and E is positive and S and W is negative. EX: 15 N, 75 E would be Latitude 15 Longitude 75 ( they are positive so they don't need anything.) EX: 40 S, 70 W would be Latitude -40 Longitude -70 ( they are negative so they need the minus ) Put key so that people who didn't or doesn't understand ( like me ) know how to use it. Thank You.

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