The Latest Places with Lat Long

Below you can see the list of the latest places submitted by our editor and visitors.Click on the name of the place for more details.

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Place NameLatitudeLongitude
Edric Technologies, Benin City, Nigeria6.2996515.626997
Rclixen Multi Solution Pvt. Ltd., Uttar Pradesh, India28.70911077.659515
dot H solutions, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada43.596687-79.637398
N.S College of Horticultural Sciences, Idupur, Andhra Pradesh, India15.80495879.257423
Chanakya Junior College, Pune, Maharashtra, India18.51114373.683479
CowTown Range, Peoria, AZ, USA33.798878-112.283524
Anthony’s Key Resort, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras16.325754-86.572258
Skills Nurture Academy, Kudasan, Gujarat, India23.18481672.629799
Prime IT Lab & Freelance, Tuguria, Bangladesh23.14340491.125900
Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana5.550000-0.020000
Nagoya, Chubu, Japan35.183334136.899994
Thornton, CO, USA39.903057-104.954445
Miramar, FL, USA25.978889-80.282501
Murfreesboro, TN, USA35.846111-86.391945
Pasadena, CA, USA34.156113-118.131943
Robertson County, TX, USA31.030001-96.510002
Mesquite, TX, USA32.782780-96.610001
Bridgeport, CT, USA41.186390-73.195557
Gibbon Baptist Church, Gibbon, NE, USA40.742260-98.845207
Paterson, NJ, USA40.914745-74.162827
Rockford, Il, the US42.259445-89.064445
Joliet, Illinois, USA41.520557-88.150558
Escondido, CA, USA33.124722-117.080833
Kansas City, KS, USA39.106667-94.676392
Springfield, MA, USA42.101391-72.590279
Usar, Maharashtra, India18.29110973.131744
Springfield, MS, USA-93.298332-93.298332
Corona, CA, USA33.866669-117.566666
Pembroke Pines, FL, USA26.012501-80.313614
Chambersburg, PN, USA40.028900-77.590698
Elk Grove, CA, USA38.438332-121.381943
Oceanside, CA, the US33.211666-117.325836
Newport News, VA, USA37.070831-76.484444
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the US43.536388-96.731667
Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland52.25317020.900185
Vancouver, WA, USA45.633331-122.599998
Worcester, MA, USA42.271389-71.798889
Tallahassee, FL, USA30.455000-84.253334
Paul Johns Neighborhood Park, Smyrna, TN, USA35.960777-86.580948
Columbus, GA, USA32.492222-84.940277
Augusta, GA, USA33.466667-81.966667
Montgomery, AL, USA32.361668-86.279167
Aurora, IL, USA41.763889-88.290001
Amarillo, TX, USA35.199165-101.845276
Sabetta, Yamal, Russia71.27330072.072502
Modesto, CA, USA37.661388-120.994446
Garland, TX, USA32.907223-96.635277
Irvine, CA, the US33.669445-117.823059
Aurora, CO, USA39.710835-104.812500
Arlington, TX, USA32.705002-97.122780

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