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The Latest Places with Lat Long

Below you can see the list of the latest places submitted by our editor and visitors.Click on the name of the place for more details.

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Place NameLatitudeLongitude
Liverpool Arena, UK53.397518-2.991945
Blackheath, London, UK51.4656910.005687
The Mall, London, UK51.504490-0.134307
Urk Lighthouse, Netherlands52.6610955.591892
Luxury Property Care, FL, USA26.421162-80.097481
Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium, Taiwan24.199617120.684311
Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium, Indonesia-3.021425104.788719
Kapten I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Indonesia-8.546904115.306313
Manahan Stadium, Indonesia-7.555587110.805946
Si Jalak Harupat Stadium, Indonesia-6.996421107.529266
Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium, Indonesia-7.223228112.622238
Het Muizenhuis, Amsterdam, Netherlands52.3777664.883774
Alamodome, TX, USA29.416918-98.479271
Fairmont Century Plaza, CA, USA34.057507-118.416054
The Beverly Hilton, where the Golden Globe Awards ceremony is held34.066376-118.412720
Kyocera Dome Osaka, Japan34.669228135.475601
Oświęcim, Poland50.03972619.238195
Memorial and Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau50.02741619.201899
Michelob Ultra Arena, NV, USA36.090622-115.179115
Poliedro de Caracas, Venezuela10.433874-66.939034
Biosphère de Montréal, Canada45.514164-73.531746
İstiklal Avenue, Istanbul, Turkey41.03380628.977905
Al Bayt Stadium, Qatar25.65227551.487083
Lusail Stadium, Qatar25.42073851.490154
San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA37.828724-122.355537
Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, London, UK51.478439-0.144966
10 Downing Street, London, UK51.503368-0.127721
Basilica Cistern, Istanbul, Turkey41.00836228.977762
Kardamyli, Greece36.88777922.231634
Festival Park Kadıköy, Istanbul, Turkey40.99118829.016914
El Capitan Theatre, CA, USA34.101360-118.339996
Paramount Pictures, CA, USA34.083794-118.321014
Hollywood Wax Museum, CA, USA34.101715-118.338226
Barnsdall Art Park, CA, USA34.100376-118.294640
The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, CA, USA34.101143-118.341873
TCL Chinese Theatre, CA, USA34.102047-118.341080
Madame Tussauds Hollywood, CA, USA34.101803-118.341507
The O2, London, UK51.5029490.002369
Westminster Abbey, London, UK51.499390-0.127465
Großer Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany52.51398813.358462
Istanbul Airport, Turkey41.27690128.729324
Peabody, MA, USA42.536457-70.985786
Norwood, MA, USA42.184155-71.206245
Northampton, MA, USA42.328674-72.664658
Freddie Mercury Blue Plaque51.454014-0.410282
Luna Park in Coney Island, NY, USA40.575245-73.978577
Atlantic Terminal Mall, NY, USA40.684570-73.977150
Newport Centre, NJ, USA40.727123-74.038300
Cross County Center, NY, USA40.927330-73.855873
Palisades Center, NY, USA41.097057-73.955849
Brookfield Place, NY, USA40.712719-74.015411
230 Fifth, NY, USA40.743992-73.988144
Vessel, NY, USA40.753826-74.002228
Roosevelt Field, NY, USA40.738037-73.613075
The Mall at Bay Plaza, NY, USA40.864319-73.827774
Newton, MA, USA42.341042-71.217133
Newburyport, MA, USA42.810356-70.893875
New Bedford, MA, USA41.638409-70.941208
Natick, MA, USA42.281342-71.354950
Milton, MA, USA42.250683-71.071663
Medford, MA, USA42.419331-71.119720
Marblehead, MA, USA42.499683-70.863861
Malden, MA, USA42.429752-71.071022
Ludlow, MA, USA42.181541-72.478432
Veryovkina Cave, the deepest cave on Earth43.39750340.359585
Lexington, MA, USA42.447357-71.234619
Leominster, MA, USA42.525482-71.764183
Lenox, MA, USA42.368195-73.285858
Lawrence, MA, USA42.701283-71.175682
Ipswich, MA, USA42.683186-70.856850
Hyannis, MA, USA41.652882-70.290787
Soul Street Zurich, Switzerland47.3630718.495555
Volo Finance Dubai, UAE25.26770455.300892
Holyoke, MA, USA42.203217-72.625481
Hingham, MA, USA42.232655-70.900253
Harwich, MA, USA41.681442-70.097572
Groton, MA, USA42.612091-71.577408
Greenfield, MA, USA42.587334-72.603416
Great Barrington, MA, USA42.201210-73.361504
Framingham, MA, USA42.280418-71.423233
Fitchburg, MA, USA42.586716-71.814468
Fairhaven, MA, USA41.637341-70.904404
Everett, MA, USA42.408623-71.056999
Edgartown, MA, USA41.389587-70.518272
Eastham, MA, USA41.832306-69.980736
Duxbury, MA, USA42.041916-70.682014
Dennis, MA, USA41.735695-70.202751
Dedham, MA, USA42.244770-71.177956
Dartmouth, MA, USA41.610195-70.995316
Concord, MA, USA42.461777-71.364235
Cohasset, MA, USA42.241718-70.811958
Clinton, MA, USA42.415997-71.687927
Chelsea, MA, USA42.392925-71.037109
Charlestown, MA, USA42.379822-71.064941
Canton, MA, USA42.161621-71.147720
Bourne, MA, USA41.739269-70.607231
Bedford, MA, USA42.491165-71.281738
Hungaroring, Hungary47.58170719.250553
Barnstable, MA, USA41.697876-70.318588
Athol, MA, USA42.594627-72.231995