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The Latest Places with Lat Long

Below you can see the list of the latest places submitted by our editor and visitors.Click on the name of the place for more details.

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Place NameLatitudeLongitude
Eastham, MA, USA41.832306-69.980736
Duxbury, MA, USA42.041916-70.682014
Dennis, MA, USA41.735695-70.202751
Dedham, MA, USA42.244770-71.177956
Dartmouth, MA, USA41.610195-70.995316
Concord, MA, USA42.461777-71.364235
Cohasset, MA, USA42.241718-70.811958
Clinton, MA, USA42.415997-71.687927
Chelsea, MA, USA42.392925-71.037109
Charlestown, MA, USA42.379822-71.064941
Canton, MA, USA42.161621-71.147720
Bourne, MA, USA41.739269-70.607231
Bedford, MA, USA42.491165-71.281738
Hungaroring, Hungary47.58170719.250553
Barnstable, MA, USA41.697876-70.318588
Athol, MA, USA42.594627-72.231995
Arlington, MA, USA42.414883-71.164032
Andover, MA, USA42.656029-71.157059
Amesbury, MA, USA42.856842-70.963440
Takoma Park, MD, USA38.981544-77.010674
Salisbury, MD, USA38.363350-75.605919
Saint Marys City, MD, USA38.186886-76.434166
Rockville, MD, USA39.086437-77.161263
Oakland, MD, USA39.407833-79.409386
Hagerstown, MD, USA39.644207-77.731430
Greenbelt, MD, USA38.998318-76.896332
Emmitsburg, MD, USA39.703602-77.328995
Elkton, MD, USA39.609505-75.839920
Easton, MD, USA38.776402-76.082825
Cumberland, MD, USA39.649109-78.769714
Cambridge, MD, USA38.563461-76.085251
Aberdeen, MD, USA39.514877-76.174110
York, ME, USA43.159996-70.662003
Scarborough, ME, USA43.595406-70.352226
Rumford, ME, USA44.553761-70.568275
Presque Isle, ME, USA46.680672-68.023521
Livraria Lello, Porto, Portugal41.146908-8.614911
Portland, ME, USA43.680031-70.310425
Machias, ME, USA44.713200-67.469025
Lubec, ME, USA44.858288-66.988403
Lewiston, ME, USA44.101902-70.217110
Houlton, ME, USA46.126865-67.849777
Gardiner, ME, USA44.230553-69.779633
Fort Kent, ME, USA47.255791-68.594620
Farmington, ME, USA44.670052-70.159668
Eastport, ME, USA44.906910-66.996201
Castine, ME, USA44.389732-68.804054
Calais, ME, USA45.188042-67.282753
Brunswick, ME, USA43.909313-69.987274
Boothbay Harbor, ME, USA43.851948-69.631851
Biddeford, ME, USA43.489849-70.469711
Belfast, ME, USA44.424770-69.010620
Bath, ME, USA43.917503-69.829712
Bar Harbor, ME, USA44.387699-68.212219
Augusta, ME, USA44.331493-69.788994
Auburn, ME, USA44.090008-70.271439
Thibodaux, LA, USA29.795111-90.828140
St Martinville, LA, USA30.124033-91.833435
Morgan City, LA, USA29.706043-91.206917
Monroe, LA, USA32.509930-92.121742
Gretna, LA, USA29.916653-90.057854
Bastrop, LA, USA32.778889-91.919243
Alexandria, LA, USA31.284788-92.471176
Richmond, KY, USA37.746880-84.301460
Paris, KY, USA38.206348-84.270172
Owensboro, KY, USA37.760586-87.127686
Newport, KY, USA39.088970-84.500786
Middlesboro, KY, USA36.616894-83.739494
Mayfield, KY, USA36.739876-88.646523
Hodgenville, KY, USA37.569702-85.743095
Hazard, KY, USA37.250626-83.195503
Harrodsburg, KY, USA37.766270-84.852119
Harlan, KY, USA36.843681-83.324593
Frankfort, KY, USA38.192902-84.883942
Elizabethtown, KY, USA37.703224-85.871674
Paris La Défense Arena, France48.8952262.229182
Covington, KY, USA39.067719-84.516426
Campbellsville, KY, USA37.344158-85.346436
Bowling Green, KY, USA36.976524-86.456017
Berea, KY, USA37.569199-84.299782
Bardstown, KY, USA37.820415-85.467949
Barbourville, KY, USA36.869038-83.892479
Ashland, KY, USA38.460304-82.649666
Smith Center, KS, USA39.779823-98.787064
Salina, KS, USA38.826633-97.616257
Pittsburg, KS, USA37.406769-94.705528
Ottawa, KS, USA38.604465-95.271301
Osawatomie, KS, USA38.497746-94.960602
Newton, KS, USA38.047016-97.350304
Leavenworth, KS, USA39.313015-94.941147
Lawrence, KS, USA38.960213-95.277390
Junction City, KS, USA39.026646-96.852814
Hays, KS, USA38.885090-99.326202
Silverstone Circuit, Towcester, UK52.073273-1.014818
RM Dental Care, Karachi, Pakistan24.92480367.076347
United States Supreme Court Building, USA38.890591-77.004745
Great Bend, KS, USA38.364895-98.774300
Fort Scott, KS, USA37.838108-94.710022
Bloomsbury, London, UK51.522121-0.129420
South Bank, London, UK51.503052-0.118391