The Latest Places with Lat Long

Below you can see the list of the latest places submitted by our editor and visitors.Click on the name of the place for more details.

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Place NameLatitudeLongitude
Avellino, Campania, Italy40.91666814.788889
Sanremo, Liguria, Italy43.8166667.783333
Modica, Sicily, Italy36.84999814.766667
Portici, Campania, Italy40.81972114.341111
Bagheria, Sicily, Italy38.08333213.500000
Bitonto, Apulia, Italy41.11666916.683332
Bisceglie, Apulia, Italy41.24305716.505278
Trani, Apulia, Italy41.26666616.416668
Cuneo, Piedmont, Italy44.3894427.547778
Tivoli, Lazio, Italy41.95972112.798056
Manfredonia, Apulia, Italy41.63333115.916667
Foligno, Umbria, Italy42.95000112.700000
Moncalieri, Piedmont, Italy45.0000007.683333
Cerignola, Apulia, Italy41.26666615.900000
Faenza, Emilia-Romagna, Italy44.28555711.883333
Somerville Lake, TX, USA30.325556-96.527496
Agrigento, Sicily, Italy37.31666613.583333
Molfetta, Apulia, Italy41.20000116.600000
Benevento, Campania, Italy41.13333114.783333
Marano di Napoli, Campania, Italy40.90000214.183333
Acerra, Campania, Italy40.95000114.366667
Legnano, Lombardy, Italy45.5999988.916667
Olbia, Sassari, Italy40.9166689.500000
Matera, Basilicata, Italy40.66666816.600000
Savona, Liguria, Italy44.2999998.483333
Fano, Marche, Italy43.83333213.016667
Viareggio, Tuscany, Italy43.86666910.233333
Caltanissetta, Sicily, Italy37.49027614.062500
Carrara, Tuscany, Italy44.07916610.100000
Vigevano, Lombardy, Italy45.3166668.866667
Pomezia, Lazio, Italy41.68333412.500000
Crotone, Calabria, Italy39.08333217.116667
Vittoria, Sicily, Italy36.95000114.533333
Afragola, Campania, Italy40.91666814.316667
Castellammare di Stabia, Campania, Italy40.70000114.483333
Cosenza, Calabria, Italy39.29999916.250000
Viterbo, Lazio, Italy42.41666812.100000
Massa, Tuscany, Italy44.03333310.133333
Imola, Emilia-Romagna, Italy44.35305811.714722
Altamura, Apulia, Italy40.81666616.549999
Lamezia Terme, Calabria, Italy38.96666716.299999
Quartu Sant'Elena, Sardinia, Italy39.2333349.183333
Capri, Modena, Emilia-Romagnia, Italy44.78333310.883333
Pavia, Lombardy, Italy45.1833349.150000
Ragusa, Sicily, Italy36.93333414.750000
Aprilia, Lazio, Italy41.58333212.650000
Gela, Sicily, Italy37.06666614.250000
Lake Los Angeles, CA, the US34.617779-117.833611
Caserta, Campania, Italy41.06666614.333333
Cinisello Balsamo, Lombardy, Italy45.5499999.216667

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