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The Latest Places with Lat Long

Below you can see the list of the latest places submitted by our editor and visitors.Click on the name of the place for more details.

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Place NameLatitudeLongitude
Mansfield, CT, USA41.793125-72.255272
Manchester, CT, USA41.780434-72.541466
Litchfield, CT, USA41.752625-73.205460
Lebanon, CT, USA41.639519-72.263443
Guilford, CT, USA41.292328-72.680031
Groton, CT, USA41.374660-72.069138
Fairfield, CT, USA41.146496-73.271111
Enfield, CT, USA41.989033-72.589981
Bloomfield, NJ, USA40.807129-74.195999
Belle Glade, FL, USA26.687412-80.681831
Bartow, FL, USA27.891005-81.847359
Safe in Austin Rescue Ranch, TX, USA30.569466-97.936378
Atlantic City, NJ, USA39.370121-74.438942
Albany, GA, USA31.594915-84.224236
Jacksonville, IL, USA39.741550-90.256218
Idaho City, ID, USA43.828850-115.837860
White Springs, FL, USA30.333973-82.763863
Coral Gables, FL, USA25.750156-80.279640
Palm Beach, FL, USA26.634132-80.038818
East Haven, CT, USA41.279667-72.878296
East Hartford, CT, USA41.764057-72.640320
Derby, CT, USA41.329334-73.094406
Darien, CT, USA41.080601-73.495422
M&T Bank Stadium, MD, USA39.278088-76.623322
NRG Stadium, TX, USA29.684860-95.411667
U.S. Bank Stadium, MN, USA44.973774-93.258736
Lincoln Financial Field, PA, USA39.900898-75.168098
Empower Field at Mile High, CO, USA39.744129-105.020828
Coventry, CT, USA41.787987-72.356468
Bristol, CT, USA41.685173-72.962708
Bloomfield, CT, USA41.842060-72.747772
University of Notre Dame, IN, USA41.699280-86.238899
Vanderbilt University, TN, USA36.144051-86.800949
Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., USA38.907852-77.072807
Washington University in St. Louis, MO, USA38.648987-90.312553
Rice University, TX, USA29.717154-95.404182
Boston University, MA, USA42.350876-71.106918
Carnegie Mellon University, PA, USA40.443336-79.944023
University of Southern California, CA, USA34.022415-118.285530
Cornell University, NY, USA42.454323-76.475266
Guiana Space Centre, French Guiana5.167713-52.683994
Emory University, GA, USA33.797028-84.323242
New York University, NY, USA40.729675-73.996925
University of California Berkeley, CA, USA37.871960-122.259094
Dartmouth College, NH, USA43.704540-72.288986
Duke University, NC, USA36.001465-78.939133
Columbia University, NY, USA40.807384-73.963036
Oscar Wilde's Tomb, Paris, France48.8618132.397888
Washington and Lee University, VA, USA37.789913-79.446465
Princeton University, NJ, USA40.343899-74.660049
University of Delaware, DE, USA39.677956-75.750900
Moravian University, PA, USA40.630978-75.381493
University of Pennsylvania, PA, USA39.952305-75.193703
William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA, USA37.271133-76.716614
University of Warwick, the UK52.379414-1.561904
University of Bristol, the UK51.458447-2.603288
London School of Economics and Political Science, the UK51.514450-0.116674
King's College London, the UK51.511448-0.116414
University of Manchester, the UK53.466843-2.234597
University of Cambridge, the UK52.2043110.113818
University of Oxford, the UK51.754845-1.254449
St. John's College, Annapolis, MD, USA38.981941-76.491806
Berlin, CT, USA41.622234-72.773628
Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA41.316307-72.922585
Ansonia, CT, USA41.346439-73.084938
Walsenburg, CO, USA37.630322-104.790543
Vail, CO, USA39.652802-106.340538
Trinidad, CO, USA37.166512-104.518768
Sterling, CO, USA40.626743-103.217026
Steamboat Springs, CO, USA40.490429-106.842384
The University of Florida, FL, USA29.643946-82.355659
Silverton, CO, USA37.811268-107.668343
Pagosa Springs, CO, USA37.267185-107.025749
Ouray, CO, USA38.025131-107.675880
Mayfield Consumer Products, KY, USA36.727520-88.661621
Leadville, CO, USA39.247478-106.300194
Gunnison, CO, USA38.547871-106.938622
Fort Morgan, CO, USA40.255306-103.803062
Panama City, FL, USA30.193626-85.683029
Miami Beach, FL, USA25.793449-80.139198
Estes Park, CO, USA40.377010-105.522087
Cripple Creek, CO, USA38.749077-105.183060
Central City, CO, USA39.803318-105.516830
Cañon City, CO, USA38.444931-105.245720
Brighton, CO, USA39.969753-104.836723
Stuttgart, AR, USA34.497196-91.560921
Semeru, Indonesia-8.106702112.920441
Osceola, AR, USA35.705608-89.992729
Newport, AR, USA35.618671-91.271286
Forrest City, AR, USA35.010712-90.797783
Crossett, AR, USA33.132671-91.971634
Camden, AR, USA33.586617-92.842979
Blytheville, AR, USA35.934574-89.926170
Arkansas Post, AR, USA34.024387-91.347092
Window Rock, AZ, USA35.678970-109.067413
Uber HQ, San Francisco, CA, USA37.775593-122.418137
Twitter HQ, San Francisco, CA, USA37.776463-122.417213
Globe, AZ, USA33.395844-110.793739
Gila Bend, AZ, USA32.949142-112.729736
Aston Gardens At Tampa Bay, FL, USA28.057770-82.639076