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Degrees Minutes Seconds to Decimal Degrees

Please enter the degrees, minutes, seconds (DMS) coordinates values to convert to decimal degrees (dd).


About DMS to Decimal Degrees

You can convert degrees, minutes, seconds for both latitude and longitude to decimal degrees. Simply enter the DMS values for lat or both lat and long, than press the convert button. The decimal degrees coordinates will be calculated and displayed below the form.

How to Convert Degrees Minutes Seconds to Decimal Degrees

First of all let's take a look at the symbols:
° : degree
' : minute
" : second

1 minute is equal to 60 seconds.
1 degree is equal to 1 hour, that is equal to 60 minutes or 3600 seconds.

To calculate decimal degrees, we use the DMS to decimal degree formula below:
Decimal Degrees = degrees + (minutes/60) + (seconds/3600)

DD = d + (min/60) + (sec/3600)

Wonder to learn how to type a degree symbol? visit Degree Symbol.

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Recent Comments

Guest - Editor's Pick 2021-10-25 12:35:59

The input box for lon input is missing step="0.0000001" on
and thus it only allows integer values. You can correct it using the developer mode of Chrome/Edge and continue :) Hope the owner read this.

Editor 2021-10-25 12:43:25

Thank you for your helpful feedback.
We just fixed it.
Best wishes.

Guest - Editor's Pick 2020-02-20 16:00:08

After hassling to look for a converter online I just noticed you had all the details here. Nice work!!

Franz - Editor's Pick 2019-12-07 09:53:04

Nice implementation, thanks. Adding the formulas is very useful. Entering decimal values in Google Maps works, entering Hours, Minutes and seconds did not work. Using the symbols may be tricky: is seconds the quote sign " or is it two apostrophes '' ?

I got an error message when I entered the seconds for Longitude with three decimals. When I removed the decimals, it worked. No problem with Latitude.

Reading the comments below, I see that other people had the same problem long ago. Someone at needs to update this website. Many good suggestions were made.

Brad 2020-06-10 16:57:10

The inability to enter fractional seconds in the longitudinal input has caused me to be in error by 29.11514045 feet. That is considered unacceptable in my calculations. But thank you for a excellent starting point for further calculations.

PW 2020-03-06 01:06:06

It does work in Degrees Minutes and Seconds in Google maps as long as you put the direction S or N for Latitude at the end of the coordinate or E or W for Longitude.

Robert Ambrose 2023-09-03 04:49:08

Thank you so much for the concise explanation of converting from DMS to Decimal. Never took the time to figure it out, before seeing your explanation. So Simple! Took the Stumphouse Mtn. Tunnel DMS (via Wikipedia) and the conversion came out perfectly. Also, didn't know the decimal equivalent of the degree symbol. Got it memorized, now; ALT + 0176... Thank you so much for the detailed explanations...

Tyler 2023-06-26 15:32:20

Thanks for providing this; I use it all the time. Have you considered adding a third box with the latitude and longitude combined and separated by comma (e.g. 40.1167,-102.944)? this would make copying and pasting into Google Earth faster.

Editor 2023-06-26 16:49:21

Hey Tyler,
Thanks a lot for your visiting our website. We will check your request. ;)
Best regards.

ANTONIO 2023-06-08 01:42:42

It would be great if this tool would generate the Google Maps plus code (open location code) at the same time .

Editor 2023-06-08 10:07:43

Hey Antonio, thanks a lot for your comment.
We are adding that feature to our wishlist.
Best regards.

Deborah 2023-05-10 23:37:01

Thank you for this calculator! Saves me a lot of time ... and works perfectly.

Charles 2023-01-11 08:45:10

Thank you for this easy conversion.

Kyle Hickman 2022-06-22 12:07:59

How do I use this for the western hemisphere?

Anthony 2022-02-27 09:28:50

Can you indicate which +/-'ve values correspond to N/S or W/E directions in your instructions?

gis_queen 2023-04-20 19:52:47

With direction in mind, coordinates are pretty much the same as a X Y Grid for math. North and East are positive values. South and West are negative values.

Samuel Francia Salayo Jr 2021-12-15 12:10:48

I learned a lot in LatLong

Kp 2021-05-12 01:23:59

Thank you so much for this formula

Mawufemor 2021-02-24 13:52:17

Thank you, it was helpful.

Tania 2021-02-19 21:39:39

Very useful converter, thank you!

Jan Egil Kristiansen 2021-02-03 12:57:52

I would find it useful, if decimal minutes were accepted, as degrees and deciml minutes is a common (and absurd!) format.

(As for decimal degrees and decimal seconds, why not?)

Smiley 2020-12-01 19:03:17

How to account for negative values less than 1 degree (e.g. 0, 0, -.1)?

Abir 2020-11-03 18:13:17

Very useful, I like it :)

Guest 2020-10-10 19:02:04

formula really help me out to convert coordinates to decimal degree. Now /i am strugle on how to add negative sign to X coordinates

Anon 2020-09-24 12:46:16

Why doesn't this generate a link to google maps?

Ohnmarsoe 2020-09-11 10:07:27

Very much needful . Thanks

HURA HIGH SCHOOL(H.S) 2020-06-09 09:23:46

Its help me to enter the location of our school in our U-DISE+ portal.Thanks.

Susan 2020-06-02 18:57:46

I use this tool almost daily, thanks!

Jeff 2020-05-22 21:39:10

Do you have an app that when my phone finds my GPS location it gives me the lat and long in 8 decimal places without using the converter?

Denny 2020-05-08 16:34:35

Should be able to enter decimal seconds for longitude.

Guest 2020-04-16 12:11:58

Your input field is broken for longitude seconds, it is missing the HTML attribute: step="0.0000001".

omer 2020-04-13 16:56:35

i have units in this way like E: 285 767.580 N: 3 123 492.940.
I dont know how to convert this and i dont know this coordinate system

Karl S 2023-06-06 15:47:04

Those appear to be a State Coordinate system. They are not Lat/Long. Each state has a coordinate system.

Guest 2021-12-06 20:53:30

Where did you come across this? It would appear to mean 767.58 minutes - but there are only 60 minutes in a degree. What am I missing?

Christopher 2020-03-08 22:41:30

what could be the time in Lagos state at longitude 18 east when the time is 5:00pm in Ethiopia at longitude 45 east?

Don K. 2020-02-25 16:43:45

Please be aware the actual conversion numbers are accurate, but there is NO allowance for : EAST,west , NORTH, south -values here.
So to be accurate you may need to know when to apply a '-' minus sign in front of the decimal values. You need to know the general area where you are looking for. I ended up in China, where a Canadian address was intended ! other than that. It 's great ! DK.

Guest 2020-02-10 12:49:12

The degree symbol is a small circle ( ° ) that is used to indicate the width of an angle or the value of a temperature .degree symbol
The uses of the degree symbol are as follows:

if placed after a natural number or a decimal number between 0 and 360 it indicates the width of an angle expressed in sexagesimal degrees .

In particular 0
(or better 0) is the width of a null angle , 90 ° the width of a right angle , 180 ° the width of a flat angle and with 360 ° the width of a corner angle .

If the degree symbol is followed by the letter C (° C) or the letter F (° F) then it indicates a temperature , expressed respectively in degrees centigrade and degrees Fahrenheit .

Recall that for the kelvin unit of measurement (symbol K) it is the only unit of measurement of temperature that does not require the symbol of degrees.

Adorable 2020-02-09 00:03:52

Please help me. I'm stuck with these 7 figure easting and northing coordinates and im failing to convert them into the appropriate directions.

I got theme from an old mining research paper. As a clue I know for a fact it's in my country[zimbabwe] . Problem is I dnt know where to put the degrees and minutes and all. Please help.

Easting ~ 0461328
Northing ~ 7972981

Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated