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Seinfeld Locations

Seinfeld, "a show about nothing", is an American TV series released between July 5, 1989, and May 14, 1998. It is considered one of the best sitcoms of all time. The show aired on NBC and was created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. Jerry Seinfeld plays a semi-fictionalized version of himself in the show. Jerry's best friends are George Costanza, his ex-girlfriend Elaine Benes, and his neighbor Cosmo Kramer. These characters were portrayed by Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Michael Richards. The series ran for 9 seasons. Many episodes are based on the writers' and their friends' real-life experiences. Seinfeld was filmed in New York City, New York, USA. The exterior shot of Seinfeld's apartment took place at 757 New Hampshire, Los Angeles, California. Tom's Restaurant, a diner located at 112th Street and Broadway was used as the fictional Monk's Café in the show.

* Seinfeld was digitally released on Netflix on October 1, 2021.

Seinfeld location
NBC Studios, Rockefeller Plaza, NY. Photo by Tiziano Brignoli on Unsplash

Where was Seinfeld Filmed?

Seinfeld was filmed in 1049 5th Ave (S06-E06), 1125 Park Ave (Beth's apartment), 114 W 16th St (S06-E20), 118 W 3rd St (S04-E18), 11th Ave & W 49th St (S06-E07, S07-E08, S08-E03), 12041 Ventura Pl (S04-E01), 12059 Ventura Pl (S04-E02), 124 E 40th St (S07-E04), 1291 3rd Ave (S09-E11), 1325 6th Ave (S07-E12), 1325 Ave (Elaine's office), 1326 2nd Ave (S08-E12), 1333 Broadway (S06-E10), 13420 Ventura Blvd (S05-E10), 139 8th Ave (S07-E03), 14 N Moore St (S07-E07), 1410 3rd Ave (S08-E03), 148 9th Ave (S09-E06, S08-E10), 152 2nd Ave (S06-E22) and 152 7th Ave (S04-E23).

The complete list of the locations with latitude and longitude coordinates are listed below in the table.

Seinfeld Locations Map

Seinfeld Locations Part 1

Location NameLatitudeLongitude
1049 5th Ave (S06-E06)40.781048-73.959877
1125 Park Ave (Beth's apartment)40.782845-73.954895
114 W 16th St (S06-E20)40.738811-73.996796
118 W 3rd St (S04-E18)40.730423-74.000481
11th Ave & W 49th St (S06-E07, S07-E08, S08-E03)40.765247-73.995171
12041 Ventura Pl (S04-E01)34.144428-118.394249
12059 Ventura Pl (S04-E02)34.144794-118.394699
124 E 40th St (S07-E04)40.750080-73.977409
1291 3rd Ave (S09-E11)40.771023-73.959358
1325 6th Ave (S07-E12)40.762760-73.980888
1325 Ave (Elaine's office)40.762703-73.980881
1326 2nd Ave (S08-E12)40.767239-73.959160
1333 Broadway (S06-E10)40.751099-73.988091
13420 Ventura Blvd (S05-E10)34.146717-118.425743
139 8th Ave (S07-E03)40.741623-74.001442
14 N Moore St (S07-E07)40.719536-74.006668
1410 3rd Ave (S08-E03)40.775116-73.956993
148 9th Ave (S09-E06, S08-E10)40.744007-74.002815
152 2nd Ave (S06-E22)40.729351-73.988800
152 7th Ave (S04-E23)40.741856-73.997726
158 7th Ave (S06-E12)40.741947-73.997406
1600 Avenue L (S08-E09)40.619495-73.959007
164 Court St (S09-E10)40.688183-73.993355
1641 2nd Ave (S07-E05)40.777374-73.952423
173 1st Ave (S09-E18)40.729240-73.984352
1745 Broadway (S06-E11)40.765213-73.982307
1890 2nd Ave (S04-E11, S08-E17)40.785259-73.946365
1981 Broadway (S07-E01)40.775059-73.982719
1987 Broadway (S05-E18)40.775127-73.982552
200 W 57th St (S04-E23)40.765385-73.982872
213 West 79th St (S08-E13)40.783649-73.979027
220 E 64th St (S08-E19)40.764259-73.962685
225 E 64th St (S06-E20)40.764278-73.964989
228 Columbus Ave (S06-E06)40.776402-73.979805
229 Columbus Ave (S08-E15)40.776257-73.979156
23 E 22nd St (S07-E13)40.740307-73.988274
230 W 20th St (S06-E15)40.742691-73.998756
234 W 44th St (S08-E22)40.757782-73.987701
235 W 56th St (S07-E01)40.765945-73.982765
237 W 72nd St (S07-E11)40.779339-73.982834
240 E 58th St (S08-E19)40.760002-73.965630
25 5th Ave (S04-E08)40.732796-73.995491
253 W 28th St (S09-E01)40.748333-73.995605
260 6th Ave (S08-E14)40.728889-74.002197
279 Amsterdam Ave (S08-E21)40.779293-73.980865
29 Carmine St (S09-E07)40.730343-74.003197
2nd Ave & E 10th St (S06-E07)40.729759-73.986923
300 Park Ave (S06-E06)40.756935-73.974716
305 W 18th St (Allison's Apartment)40.742641-74.001381
308 W 46th St (S08-E19)40.759842-73.988678
309 Court St (S08-E12)40.683506-73.995110
31 Cornelia St (S09-E13)40.731407-74.002609
320 Amsterdam Ave (S06-E16)40.780849-73.980423
321 East 5th St (S08-E04)40.726536-73.987885
33 W 50th St (S08-E04)40.759052-73.978531
34 Avenue A (S08-E01)40.723335-73.985207
358 W 44th St (S07-E22, E05-E19, S4-E10)40.759422-73.991486
386 Columbus Ave (S08-E22)40.781704-73.975914
387 Clinton St (S07-E09)40.683216-73.997543
4 St. Marks Pl (S09-E14)40.729099-73.989670
410 Amsterdam Ave (S07-E13)40.783672-73.980530
42 Union Square East (S04-E22)40.736164-73.989113
420 Court St (S07-E22)40.679863-73.997360
43 Washington Square S (S09-E02)40.730843-73.999184
432 W 44th St (S07-E21)40.760216-73.993385
449 Columbus Ave (S07-E03)40.783421-73.974121
47 3rd Ave (S05-E07)40.730778-73.988770
488 East 60th St (S08-E13)40.759205-73.960060
49 W 64th St (S07-E19)40.772110-73.981377
49 West 64th St (S08-E09)40.772060-73.981361
5 W 63rd St. (S09-E09)40.770893-73.980553
50 W 77th St (S07-E15)40.780186-73.976166
503 E 6th St (S09-E04)40.725422-73.983467
51 University Pl (S05-E03, E17)40.732407-73.996048
513 S Grand Ave (S09-E17)34.049911-118.254288
524 Columbus Ave (S08-E21)40.786079-73.972755
525 E 68th St (S06-E20, S07-E20)40.764290-73.954346
56 9th Ave (S07-E04)40.741177-74.004753
57 E 55th St (S07-E17)40.760910-73.972534
586 5th Ave (S09-E17)40.756973-73.978767
62nd St & Northern Blvd (S08-E13)40.754017-73.900345
69 Thompson St (S09-E07)40.724464-74.003334
6th Ave & West 4th Street (S07-E09, S08-E01)40.731693-74.000992
70 University Pl (S07-E11)40.733234-73.993805
714 Broadway (S05-E18)40.728790-73.993469
735 West End Ave (S09-E09)40.795135-73.974007
75 W 68th St (S07-E09, S09-E10)40.774891-73.980270
757 New Hampshire34.058193-118.293373
768 5th Ave (S06-E19)40.764561-73.974388
777 3rd Ave (S09-E07)40.754711-73.971191
7th Ave (S06-E22)40.749725-73.991661
80 Centre St (S06-E20)40.715328-74.001678
840 West End Ave (Mr. Pitt's apartment)40.798454-73.970520
846 North Cahuenga Boulevard34.086552-118.328568
88 Grand St (Robin's apartment)40.721806-74.002403
9 University Pl (S04-E17)40.731003-73.994965
93 4th Ave (S08-E05, S09-E05)40.731941-73.989815
9th Ave & W 21st St (S07-E21)40.745205-74.002342
Baltic St & Court St (S07-E12)40.686096-73.994148

Seinfeld Locations Part 2

Location NameLatitudeLongitude
CBS Studios34.144329-118.390198
Central Park West & W 81st St (S06-E16)40.782063-73.971794
Cinépolis Chelsea40.744762-73.998093
Columbus Ave40.785473-73.972992
Dockweiler Beach33.930283-118.435982
E 60th S (S05-E14)40.761101-73.963669
Empire State Building40.748375-73.985649
Greenwich Ave & W 12th St (S07-E10)40.737675-74.001816
Griffith Park34.136520-118.294289
Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City34.136333-118.358116
Insomnia Cafe34.075977-118.348488
Jerome C. Daniel Overlook above the Hollywood Bowl34.116402-118.342201
Johnson Hall40.735470-73.997185
La Boite en Bois40.774845-73.980400
Las Palmas Hotel34.102608-118.336067
Madison Square Garden40.750477-73.993607
Majestic Theatre40.758362-73.988358
Men's Central Jail34.059040-118.232147
Mountain View Mortuary & Cemetery34.186199-118.147751
NBC Studios40.759232-73.980225
Park Ave & E 39th St (S06-E03)40.750179-73.979004
Park Ave & E 63rd St (S06-E20)40.765404-73.967972
Park Ave & E 70th St (S08-E19)40.769749-73.964691
Puck Building40.724648-73.995354
RED Studios Hollywood (Ren-Mar Studios)34.086121-118.328308
Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Our Lord40.719475-73.953377
Sotheby's New York40.766273-73.953796
The David N. Dinkins Manhattan Municipal Building40.713093-74.003670
Universal Studios Hollywood34.138462-118.354164
Van Nuys Airport (S09-E22)34.209576-118.490158
Venice Fishing Pier33.977890-118.469055
Ventura Blvd34.143753-118.393730
W 81st St & Columbus Ave (S08-E17)40.783237-73.974586
Yankee Stadium40.829586-73.926292

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