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The X-Files Locations

The X-Files is an American sci-fi crime drama mystery television series created by Chris Carter. Starring David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi, it follows two Federal Bureau of Investigation special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who investigate paranormal and strange cases. It was released on Fox from September 10, 1993, to May 19, 2002, as well as from January 24, 2016, to March 21, 2018, ran for 11 seasons, 218 episodes. The show won five Golden Globes including "Best Television Series - Drama". The X-Files was shot in different cities of British Columbia, Canada such as Fresno, Richmond, Chilliwack, Burnaby, Langley, Delta, Port Coquitlam, and Vancouver. Filming also took place at Los Angeles Center Studios, 20th Century Fox Studios (Stages 5 and 6), North Shore Studios (Stage 2), and Universal Studios.

The X-Files location
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Photo by Ethan Dow on Unsplash.

Where was The X-Files Filmed?

The X-Files was filmed in 1 W Cordova St (S01-E02, S03-E15, S05-E15), 10 E Hastings St (S01-E04), 1000 Station St (S01-E05, S04-E03), 102 E Pender St (S03-E15, E19), 1036 Salsbury Dr (S05-E07), 10469 St Edwards Dr (S01-E04), 1057 Iliff St (S06-E20), 10576 Wilson St (S05-E13, E14), 1081 Burrard St (S03-E17), 1099 Gayley Ave (S07-E21), 11130 W Magnolia Blvd (S07-E08), 1146 Corsica Dr (S07-E02), 12 Orwell St (S01-E11), 1241 Corsica Dr (S07-E02), 1318 W 2nd St (S07-E14), 1327 Palmetto St (S08-E08), 1442 Pendrell St, 15773 Marine Dr (S02-E20), 16373 Beach Rd (S02-E20) and 1640 Jones Ave (S01-E16).

The complete list of the locations with latitude and longitude coordinates are listed below in the table.

The X-Files Locations Map

The X-Files Locations Part 1

Location NameLatitudeLongitude
1 W Cordova St (S01-E02, S03-E15, S05-E15)49.282692-123.104668
10 E Hastings St (S01-E04)49.281277-123.106140
1000 Station St (S01-E05, S04-E03)49.272446-123.098045
102 E Pender St (S03-E15, E19)49.280308-123.102188
1036 Salsbury Dr (S05-E07)49.275356-123.067398
10469 St Edwards Dr (S01-E04)49.187778-123.111206
1057 Iliff St (S06-E20)34.049294-118.519829
10576 Wilson St (S05-E13, E14)49.195061-122.411774
1081 Burrard St (S03-E17)49.280518-123.128319
1099 Gayley Ave (S07-E21)34.060253-118.446846
11130 W Magnolia Blvd (S07-E08)34.164608-118.373619
1146 Corsica Dr (S07-E02)34.049149-118.504539
12 Orwell St (S01-E11)49.299870-123.028816
1241 Corsica Dr (S07-E02)34.051579-118.503311
1318 W 2nd St (S07-E14)33.742638-118.304832
1327 Palmetto St (S08-E08)34.040443-118.231628
1442 Pendrell St49.284607-123.136292
15773 Marine Dr (S02-E20)49.016758-122.785957
16373 Beach Rd (S02-E20)49.010113-122.769691
1640 Jones Ave (S01-E16)49.323875-123.081573
166 N Edgeware Rd (S07-E14)34.062698-118.256683
1956 Main Mall (S02-E03)49.267307-123.253716
2036 Marine Dr (S01-E10, S02-E16, E17)49.324924-123.123245
2036 Marine Dr (S04-E10, S05-E04)49.324978-123.123260
20th Century Fox Studios34.053383-118.412941
234 1st St (S02-12)49.212646-122.906494
23838 Fraser Hwy (S01-E02)49.075687-122.564026
2397 Barranca Pkwy (S06-E12)33.697319-117.830353
2408 Nanaimo St (S04-E04)49.262718-123.056412
2440 Kingsway (S03-E23, S05-E18)49.240963-123.055557
25140 Rye Canyon Loop (S07-E13)34.458393-118.577202
2598 Bellevue Ave (S03-E09)49.334160-123.185616
2601 Lougheed Hwy49.259502-122.799118
2644 York Ave (S01-E24)49.271694-123.165573
272 E Hastings St (S03-E20)49.281094-123.098099
2750 52 St (E02-E22)49.053852-123.079773
29990 Mulholland Hwy (S07-E15)34.113731-118.778946
3000 41b St (S05-E11)49.057629-123.109985
3112 Main St (S03-E14)49.257198-123.100952
317 S Arden Blvd (S09-E03)34.068352-118.326294
324 Alexander St (S02-E03)49.283844-123.096916
3268 W 49th Ave (S02-E16)49.227062-123.177773
328 Cambie St (S05-E03)49.282875-123.109238
3448 Fromme Rd (S03-E08)49.340656-123.043381
350 Water St (S05-E02)49.284359-123.110153
374 S. Spring St (S07-E08)34.048683-118.247871
3848 W 29th Ave (S02-E05)49.245880-123.189522
4108 104 St (S01-E08)49.078773-122.934891
411 5th St (S02-E21)49.211426-122.915688
4130 Greenbush Ave (S09-E05)34.144875-118.425896
4135 Firestone Blvd (S07-E03)33.953560-118.197189
425 Hornby St (S05-E18)49.286480-123.116417
435 W Pender St (S01-E13)49.283333-123.112289
441 Glen Dr (S04-E12)49.280327-123.081566
4490 Sanderson Way (S01-E01, E24)49.247440-123.006119
450 Cricketfield Ct (S06-E15)34.142883-118.868011
451 S Bixel St (S07-E06)34.055607-118.261299
4517 Kingsborough St (S01-E07)49.228500-123.005791
4536 Dunbar St (S05-E18)49.245876-123.184982
4540 Dunbar St (S02-E05)49.245853-123.184975
464 Carrall St (S02-E18)49.280895-123.104408
4800 Cambie St (S01-E01)49.241077-123.118355
502 Alexander St (S04-E03)49.283859-123.093079
506 S Beaudry Ave (S07-E06, E20)34.053799-118.259140
52 Alexander St (S01-E14)49.283440-123.102974
528 Homer St (S01-E01)49.282150-123.112152
552 S Grand Ave (S07-E06)34.048878-118.254951
556 Davie St (S03-E21)49.276112-123.124962
5946 12 Ave (S01-E02)49.023991-123.059654
6017 196a St (S03-E11)49.112713-122.678574
611 Jervis St (S01-E03)49.288822-123.126213
62b St & River Rd (S05-E05)49.127228-123.049576
6300 Orion Ave (S07-E16)34.184772-118.469505
6466 Kingsway (S03-E24)49.219124-122.969780
664 Burrard St (S01-E04)49.284763-123.119270
670 Smithe St49.279949-123.121353
678 W Georgia St (S01-E16)49.282154-123.118164
6th St & Broadway (S07-E08)34.016586-118.491753
7447 Firestone Blvd (S07-E07)33.947601-118.147186
750 53 St (S01-E02)49.016396-123.075760
750 Hornby St (S01-E04 and S02-E06)49.282997-123.120827
758 W 13th Ave (S02-E04)49.259281-123.121452
7900 N Figueroa St (S06-E09)34.148640-118.183899
80 W Pender St (S02-E04, S05-E02)49.280422-123.106300
800 Cassiar St (S02-E17)49.277397-123.030785
817 W Georgia St (S04-E19)49.283649-123.118950
832 Apex Ave (S03-E17)49.312218-122.980736
837 Beacon Ave (S08-E07)34.051987-118.274338
8554 Hanna Ave (S09-E18)34.225967-118.607246
862 Stayte Rd (S01-E11)49.017799-122.778755
8888 University Dr (S01-E10)49.278519-122.917320
900 W Georgia St (S01-E12 and E02-08)49.283714-123.120804
9156 Glover Rd (S04-E02)49.168873-122.579132
924 Stayte Rd (S01-E01, S04-E23)49.018799-122.778931
974 N Broadway (S07-E17)34.065964-118.236229
AES Redondo Beach LLC33.851143-118.396416
Agoura Hills34.151913-118.769295

The X-Files Locations Part 2

Location NameLatitudeLongitude
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park33.258060-116.406639
Big Bear Lake34.253319-116.924751
Borrego Springs33.241817-116.386925
Boundary Bay49.004559-123.037994
Boundary Bay Airport49.080132-123.011673
Britannia Beach49.624218-123.205360
Britannia Mine Museum49.623623-123.205032
British Columbia Institute of Technology49.184769-123.145790
Broughton St & Comox St (S02-E16)49.285084-123.136383
Burnaby Mountain49.279167-122.917366
Burrard Dry Dock Pier49.307674-123.080849
Bute St & Melville St (S03-E21)49.287849-123.124275
Cache Creek50.810883-121.325577
Campbell Valley Regional Park49.017246-122.656723
Centre Lawn49.246208-122.807625
Church of the Angels34.125523-118.176193
Churchill St & 72 St49.082371-123.024132
Club Ed Movie Set34.662041-117.862854
Department Of Water And Power34.058006-118.249557
Drake St & Howe St (S04-E08)49.276733-123.128845
E 39th Ave & Fraser St49.234756-123.090546
Farmers and Merchants Bank and Annexes (Closed)34.048103-118.247597
First Congregational Church of Los Angeles34.064617-118.285027
Fort Langley49.168125-122.580627
Granville St & W Pender St (S01-E15)49.284653-123.114906
Griffith Park34.136383-118.294579
Grouse Mountain49.380104-123.082100
Hall of Justice34.055603-118.242668
Highbury St & W 1st Ave (S03-E23)49.271336-123.187592
Immanuel Presbyterian Church34.061569-118.294357
Jackson Road49.190243-122.540100
Jay Littleton Ball Park34.076965-117.628677
La Crescenta Motel34.219662-118.231926
Lake Sherwood34.143017-118.871002
Las Vegas36.116409-115.194283
Leo Carrillo State Beach34.044506-118.940857
Long Beach33.813793-118.179703
Los Angeles34.046627-118.277725
Los Angeles Center Studios34.054722-118.259972
Los Angeles National Cemetery34.061871-118.454124
Mann Biomedical Park34.454971-118.580490
Maple Ridge49.222382-122.606125
Marina del Rey33.976154-118.452049
Marine Corps Air Station Tustin33.702919-117.824013
Marine Dr & Fell Ave (S03-E03)49.321232-123.094727
Moncton St49.125134-123.175415
Morton Park49.287678-123.142090
NASA Johnson Space Center29.559277-95.090004
New Westminster49.207668-122.926140
Newhall Mansion (Piru Mansion)34.418121-118.795189
North Hollywood34.191250-118.391884
North Shore Studios49.311062-123.041214
North Vancouver49.320004-123.075287
Old Place (S07-E15)34.114571-118.778282
Pacific Central Station49.273670-123.097916
Pacific Palisades34.038795-118.523277
Pacific Park34.008511-118.498177
Paramount Ranch34.119194-118.757141
Piru United Methodist Church34.415623-118.796379
Pitt Meadows49.293949-122.668182
Port Coquitlam49.266850-122.787018
Port Moody49.301888-122.897003
Porteau Cove Provincial Park49.557190-123.236855
Queen Mary Elementary School49.319447-123.078148
Riverview Hospital (Coquitlam)49.246071-122.805359
Robson St & Howe St (S01-E09 and S03-E16)49.281998-123.120872
Rogers Arena49.277802-123.108902
Rose City High School34.139454-118.134926
Ruskin Dam49.195976-122.407715
S Spring St & W 5th St34.047352-118.249710
S. S. Lane Victory33.717243-118.273163
San Bernardino International Airport34.100719-117.247101
San Diego32.715641-117.157784
Santa Clarita34.406445-118.534912
Santa Monica Pier34.009186-118.497696
SCE Eagle Rock Substation34.149765-118.183548
Shaver Lake37.124294-119.299278
Sierra Pelona Motel34.511780-118.347191
South Gate33.948574-118.208115

The X-Files Locations Part 3

Location NameLatitudeLongitude
Split Mountain37.020210-118.422272
St Mary 1050 Linden33.780323-118.186218
St. Andrew's Catholic Church34.150604-118.149155
St. Helen's Anglican Church49.199062-122.868530
The Century Plaza34.057465-118.415909
The Orpheum49.280045-123.120438
The Queen Mary33.752686-118.190369
Universal Studios34.136330-118.352776
Van Nuys34.198685-118.459656
Vancouver Art Gallery49.282921-123.120506
Vancouver International Airport49.196617-123.182381
Victory Park34.160496-118.096588
Waterfront Station49.285938-123.111618
West Lawn Building49.245457-122.808868
West Vancouver49.369282-123.219978
Westwood Village34.061714-118.445961
White Rock49.025272-122.806755

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