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Dances with Wolves Locations

Dances with Wolves is an American Western drama adventure film directed and produced by Kevin Costner, written by Michael Blake, based on his novel. Starring Kevin Costner, Mary McDonnell, Graham Greene, Rodney A. Grant, Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman, Tantoo Cardinal, Robert Pastorelli, Charles Rocket, and Maury Chaykin, the film follows the story of Union Army lieutenant John Dunbar who is assigned to a remote western frontier. It was released on November 9, 1990, in the United States, grossed $424.2 million worldwide, won 7 Oscars including "Best Picture" and "Best Director". Dances with Wolves was shot in Wyoming and South Dakota, USA. Badlands National Park, Sage Creek Wilderness Area, Jackson Hole, and Fort Pierre were among the filming locations.

Dances with Wolves location
Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA. Photo by Michael Alain on Unsplash.

Where was Dances with Wolves Filmed?

Dances with Wolves was filmed in Badlands National Park, Belle Fourche River, Black Hills, Fort Pierre, Interior, Jackson Hole, Pierre, Rapid City, Sage Creek Wilderness Area, Spearfish and Triple U Enterprises.

The complete list of the locations with latitude and longitude coordinates are listed below in the table.

Dances with Wolves Locations Map

Dances with Wolves Locations Table

Location NameLatitudeLongitude
Badlands National Park43.858334-102.344559
Belle Fourche River44.434669-102.303429
Black Hills44.001938-103.953537
Fort Pierre44.364498-100.381111
Jackson Hole43.472897-110.783020
Rapid City44.079372-103.238991
Sage Creek Wilderness Area43.879063-102.351288
Triple U Enterprises44.581444-100.814903

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Susan Lea Golden 2021-06-03 17:01:22

Still love this movie!! My great grandfather always made a point to make friends with as many native Americans as he could as he headed west from Missouri - always fascinated with their reliance and knowledge of the medicinal properties of the native plants. He then took from their knowledge and applied their doctoring skills to aid and help any one in need along the path that eventually was called The Oregon Trail. Because of him I developed such a love of the diversity of tribes and peoples - because of him I was taught to love all people without any racism or prejudice but was given (and taught by his example) that there are good and bad people in all races.