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Ava Locations

Ava is an American action crime drama mystery thriller film directed by Tate Taylor, written by Matthew Newton. Starring Jessica Chastain, John Malkovich, Common, Geena Davis, Jess Weixler, Colin Farrell, Ioan Gruffudd, Diana Silvers, Efka Kvaraciejus, and Joan Chen, the film was released on September 25, 2020, in the United States. It follows the story of Ava who is a deadly assassin and needs to fight to survive after a job goes wrong. Ava was filmed in Boston, Gloucester, and Weston, Massachusetts, USA. Filming locations included Saint Joseph's Abbey, The Schrafft Center, Wingaersheek Beach, Worcester Regional Airport, Boston Public Market, and Boston Common.

Ava location
Boston Common. Photo by Anastasiya Starz on Unsplash.

Where was Ava Filmed?

Ava was filmed in 8 Bradford Road, Boston, Boston Chops, Boston Common, Boston Public Market, Charlestown, Gerry No. 5 Veteran Fireman's Association, Inc., Gloucester, Lynn, Mandarin Oriental, Boston, Newbury Street, Saint Joseph's Abbey, The Schrafft Center, Wayland, Weston, Wingaersheek Beach and Worcester Regional Airport.

The complete list of the locations with latitude and longitude coordinates are listed below in the table.

Ava Locations Map

Ava Locations Table

Location NameLatitudeLongitude
8 Bradford Road42.508598-70.987839
Boston Chops42.355114-71.061684
Boston Common42.355289-71.065811
Boston Public Market42.361897-71.057076
Gerry No. 5 Veteran Fireman's Association, Inc.42.514191-70.857628
Mandarin Oriental, Boston42.348763-71.081367
Newbury Street42.349247-71.083763
Saint Joseph's Abbey42.294819-72.000282
The Schrafft Center42.384747-71.071442
Wingaersheek Beach42.652493-70.688759
Worcester Regional Airport42.267967-71.874542

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Recent Comments

James 2020-12-13 21:57:43

The hotel room in the beginning was Ritz Carlton Boston. The hotel lobby was not Ritz carlton though

The airport at the beginning is worcester airport

Luis Veras 2020-12-12 21:17:34

There was a scene where she was running/jogging and I believe the location was the Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, MA. In the movie, her mother was in this hospital.

Sarah 2021-01-07 01:44:28

I thought I was the only one who picked up on that lol

Guest 2020-12-18 01:37:23

Me too! watching it now.

Chris 2020-12-17 11:37:38

Spoken like a true 978 resident...... I spotted that too

Tim 2020-12-03 15:57:19

Any idea where the 'cabin' on the lake where Colin Farrell lives is located?

Guest 2021-01-06 06:45:02

Wayland or Weston mass.

Guest 2020-12-15 06:38:49

Vancouver island, British Columbia

Guest 2020-12-14 05:21:22

Would like to know too. Nice place.