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Fight Club Locations

Fight Club is an American movie directed by David Fincher, written by Jim Uhls, released on October 15, 1999, in the United States. It is based on Chuck Palahniuk's novel of the same name published in 1996. Starring are Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Meat Loaf, and Helena Bonham Carter. The film was a commercial success, grossed $101,187,503, and nominated for Oscar. It is regarded as one of the greatest films ever made. Fight Club was filmed on location in Los Angeles, California. Filming also took place at Los Angeles Center Studios and 20th Century Fox Studios. Tyler's house was located at 240 North Neptune Avenue, Los Angeles, California.

Fight Club Locations Map

Where was Fight Club Filmed?

Location NameLatitudeLongitude
123 South Figueroa Stree34.057648-118.253342
150 World Way33.945492-118.400940
325 West 8th Street34.044521-118.255447
330 West 8th Street34.044235-118.255737
421 West 8th Street34.044968-118.256317
505 North Avalon Boulevard33.775795-118.262398
Los Angeles Center Studios34.054974-118.260033
Los Angeles Theatre34.046471-118.252762
Melrose Avenue & N. Heliotrope Dr34.083580-118.295319
Olympic Theatre34.044312-118.254936
St. Brendan's Catholic Church34.068481-118.314690
Stage 15, 20th Century Fox Studios34.050060-118.411812
Stage 16, 20th Century Fox Studios34.049763-118.412369
The Tower Theatre34.043438-118.254501
Tyler's House33.772537-118.268265
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