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Wrong Turn (2021) Locations

A reboot of the "Wrong Turn" film series, the 2021 movie Wrong Turn was released on January 26, 2021, by Saban Films. Directed by Mike P. Nelson, written by Alan B. McElroy, and starring Charlotte Vega, Adain Bradley, Bill Sage, Emma Dumont, Dylan McTee, Daisy Head, Matthew Modine, and Vardaan Arora, the film follows the story of a group of friends hiking the Appalachian Trail. Wrong Turn (2021) was shot in Ohio, USA. Filming also took place in Hocking Hills State Park, the southern part of the state.

Wrong Turn (2021) location
Hocking Hills State Park. Photo by Sheri Hooley on Unsplash.

Where was Wrong Turn (2021) Filmed?

Wrong Turn (2021) was filmed in Cincinnati, Hocking Hills State Park and Milford.

The complete list of the locations with latitude and longitude coordinates are listed below in the table.

Wrong Turn (2021) Locations Map

Wrong Turn (2021) Locations Table

Location NameLatitudeLongitude
Hocking Hills State Park39.423458-82.538445

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Recent Comments

Erin 2023-09-27 14:43:20

The bar and fight scene in the street were shot in Felicity, Ohio. The bar was Midtown Tavern. It has recently changed ownership. The bed n breakfast is on Front Street in New Richmond, Ohio. The sales of the creepy bracelet is in Pt Pleasant, Ohio, across from Grants birthplace.

Teisa 2022-11-26 03:52:19

The beginning at the pee wee pawn shop was recorded in Pelham Alabama! I recognize it anywhere !

Nate Rozelle 2021-10-26 21:57:08

Plotnik repair is in Delano, mn

Kari m. 2021-06-29 12:10:43

I just came to check filming locations because there's a part in the movie where they show "Plotniks Repair shop" and a couple houses next to it,..I'm in Delano, Minnesota...I was just scrolling my community page and found the info...

karley j belcher 2021-03-14 03:34:50

I recognized my home place of Hocking Hills before i knew for sure that was where it was filmed. Love that area

Patty 2021-06-08 22:11:33

I live in the heart of the Hocking Hills, love it here!

Ashlee C 2021-04-04 01:26:20

Yeah me too! It was within the first scenes for the hills and rocks along this the cave feel. I told my husband that it looked like Hocking hills. We watched the credits and it said filmed in Ohio. I Google the location and it confirmed it. We live 20 mins from Hocking hills and love it.

Chino 2021-04-01 03:13:59

Yeah. It’s a beautiful area but sucks to deliver for Amazon there. Just saying