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Hollywood Walk of Fame Locations

One of the most famous destinations in Los Angeles, California, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is located on the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. Established on February 8, 1960, and designated as a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument on July 5, 1978, it is an iconic, historic landmark that is visited by millions of people year-round from around the world. There are over 27 hundred stars made from terrazzo and brass on the Walk of Fame. It is situated about 12 miles from Los Angeles Airport (LAX).

Below, you can find the coordinates of some of these stars.

Hollywood Walk of Fame location
Photo at English Wikipedia.

Hollywood Walk of Fame locations are *NSYNC (7080 Hollywood Blvd), Adam Sandler (6262 Hollywood Blvd), Alfred Hitchcock (6506 Hollywood Blvd), Amy Adams (6280 Hollywood Blvd), Anne Hathaway (6927 Hollywood Blvd), Anthony Hopkins (6801 Hollywood Blvd), Antonio Banderas (6801 Hollywood Blvd), Aretha Franklin (6920 Hollywood Blvd), Arnold Schwarzenegger (6764 Hollywood Blvd), Audrey Hepburn (1652 Vine St), Ava Gardner (1560 Vine St), B.B. King (6771 Hollywood Blvd), Barbra Streisand (6925 Hollywood Blvd), Ben Kingsley (6931 Hollywood Blvd), Bette Davis (6225 Hollywood Blvd), Betty White (6747 Hollywood Blvd), Billie Holiday (1540 N. Vine St), Billy Crystal (6925 Hollywood Blvd), Bob Marley (7080 Hollywood Blvd) and Britney Spears (6801 Hollywood Blvd).

The complete list of the locations with latitude and longitude coordinates are listed below in the table.

Hollywood Walk of Fame Locations Map

Hollywood Walk of Fame Locations Part 1

Location NameLatitudeLongitude
*NSYNC (7080 Hollywood Blvd)34.101517-118.343689
Adam Sandler (6262 Hollywood Blvd)34.101444-118.326057
Alfred Hitchcock (6506 Hollywood Blvd)34.101444-118.331459
Amy Adams (6280 Hollywood Blvd)34.101479-118.326286
Anne Hathaway (6927 Hollywood Blvd)34.101933-118.341660
Anthony Hopkins (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101627-118.340248
Antonio Banderas (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101643-118.340256
Aretha Franklin (6920 Hollywood Blvd)34.101452-118.340729
Arnold Schwarzenegger (6764 Hollywood Blvd)34.101261-118.338097
Audrey Hepburn (1652 Vine St)34.100636-118.326607
Ava Gardner (1560 Vine St)34.099697-118.326187
B.B. King (6771 Hollywood Blvd)34.101761-118.338326
Barbra Streisand (6925 Hollywood Blvd)34.101719-118.341202
Ben Kingsley (6931 Hollywood Blvd)34.101704-118.341454
Bette Davis (6225 Hollywood Blvd)34.101830-118.325523
Betty White (6747 Hollywood Blvd)34.101757-118.337440
Billie Holiday (1540 N. Vine St)34.099312-118.326477
Billy Crystal (6925 Hollywood Blvd)34.101742-118.341194
Bob Marley (7080 Hollywood Blvd)34.101337-118.344727
Britney Spears (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101753-118.340523
Bruce Lee (6933 Hollywood Blvd)34.101707-118.341637
Bruce Willis (6915 Hollywood Blvd)34.101681-118.340752
Bryan Cranston (1717 Vine St)34.102386-118.326996
Buster Keaton (6321 Hollywood Blvd)34.101765-118.327614
Cameron Diaz (6712 Hollywood Blvd)34.101452-118.336639
Carlos Santana (7080 Hollywood Blvd)34.101341-118.344727
Cary Grant (1610 Vine St)34.100506-118.326607
Cate Blanchett (6712 Hollywood Blvd)34.101498-118.336693
Celine Dion (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101738-118.340378
Charles Chaplin (6751 Hollywood Blvd)34.101803-118.337624
Charlize Theron (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101719-118.340446
Chris Rock (7021 Hollywood Blvd)34.101749-118.343185
Christina Aguilera (6901 Hollywood Blvd)34.101685-118.340424
Claire Danes (6541 Hollywood Blvd)34.101727-118.332550
Clark Gable (1608 Vine St)34.100655-118.326653
Daniel Radcliffe (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101719-118.340233
David Duchovny (6508 Hollywood Blvd)34.101517-118.331604
Dean Martin (1617 Vine St)34.100346-118.326965
Doris Day (6735 Hollywood Blvd)34.101761-118.337135
Drew Barrymore (6925 Hollywood Blvd)34.101719-118.341232
Duke Ellington (6535 Hollywood Blvd)34.101742-118.332397
Eddie Murphy (7000 Hollywood Blvd)34.101475-118.341827
Elia Kazan (6800 Hollywood Blvd)34.101494-118.339096
Elizabeth Taylor (6336 Hollywood Blvd)34.101566-118.327904
Ella Fitzgerald (6738 Hollywood Blvd)34.101517-118.337585
Ellen DeGeneres (6270 Hollywood Blvd)34.101566-118.326256
Elton John (6915 Hollywood Blvd)34.101700-118.340729
Elvis Presley (6777 Hollywood Blvd)34.101505-118.345009
Emma Thompson (6714 Hollywood Blvd)34.101460-118.336800
Farrah Fawcett (7057 Hollywood Blvd)34.101696-118.343689
Frank Sinatra (1637 Vine St)34.100384-118.326622
Gary Cooper (6243 Hollywood Blvd)34.101753-118.325974
Gene Kelly (6153 Hollywood Blvd)34.101791-118.323982
George A. Romero (6604 Hollywood Blvd)34.101463-118.333618
George Carlin (1555 Vine St)34.099045-118.326958
Gillian Anderson (6508 Hollywood Blvd)34.101501-118.331612
Glenn Close (7000 Hollywood Blvd)34.101425-118.341850
Grace Kelly (6329 Hollywood Blvd)34.101734-118.327888
Greta Garbo (6901 Hollywood Blvd)34.101700-118.340378
Guillermo del Toro (6918 Hollywood Blvd)34.101521-118.340775
Gwyneth Paltrow (6931 Hollywood Blvd)34.101624-118.341522
Halle Berry (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101723-118.340553
Hans Zimmer (6908 Hollywood Blvd)34.101433-118.340652
Harrison Ford (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101723-118.340553
Henry Fonda (1601 Vine St)34.099892-118.326965
Hilary Swank (6925 Hollywood Blvd)34.101665-118.341232
Hugh Jackman (6931 Hollywood Blvd)34.101650-118.341492
Hugh Laurie (6712 Hollywood Blvd)34.101444-118.336777
Humphrey Bogart (6322 Hollywood Blvd)34.101551-118.327599
Ingrid Bergman (6759 Hollywood Blvd)34.101681-118.337967
Jack Nicholson (6925 Hollywood Blvd)34.101685-118.341232
Jackie Chan (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101738-118.340508
James Cameron (6712 Hollywood Blvd)34.101456-118.336868
James Stewart (1708 Vine St)34.101917-118.326668
James Woods (7021 Hollywood Blvd)34.101727-118.343140
Jamie Lee Curtis (6600 Hollywood Blvd)34.101524-118.333542
Janet Jackson (1500 Vine St)34.098305-118.326637
Javier Bardem (6834 Hollywood Blvd)34.101467-118.339874
Jeff Bridges (7065 Hollywood Blvd)34.101658-118.344025
Jennifer Aniston (6270 Hollywood Blvd)34.101582-118.326263
Jennifer Lopez (6262 Hollywood Blvd)34.101570-118.326096
Jimi Hendrix (6627 Hollywood Blvd)34.101654-118.334541
Jodie Foster (6927 Hollywood Blvd)34.101597-118.341667
John Lennon (1750 Vine St)34.103184-118.326714
Johnny Cash (6320 Hollywood Blvd)34.101528-118.327538
Johnny Depp (7018 Hollywood Blvd)34.101460-118.342293
Judy Garland (1715 Vine St)34.102142-118.326942
Julia Louis-Dreyfus (6250 Hollywood Blvd)34.101501-118.326080
Julianne Moore (6250 Hollywood Blvd)34.101521-118.325989
Julio Iglesias (7000 Hollywood Blvd)34.101440-118.341957
Kate Winslet (6262 Hollywood Blvd)34.101536-118.326126
Katharine Hepburn (6284 Hollywood Blvd)34.101578-118.326454
Keanu Reeves (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101711-118.340416
Kevin Costner (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101746-118.340454
Kim Basinger (7021 Hollywood Blvd)34.101742-118.343094
Kirk Douglas (6263 Hollywood Blvd)34.101780-118.326584
Kirsten Dunst (7076 Hollywood Blvd)34.101402-118.344360
Lauren Bacall (1724 Vine St)34.102921-118.326675
Lionel Richie (7018 Hollywood Blvd)34.101479-118.342308

Hollywood Walk of Fame Locations Part 2

Location NameLatitudeLongitude
Louis Armstrong (7018 Hollywood Blvd)34.101463-118.342316
Lucy Liu (1708 Vine St)34.101868-118.326653
Mandy Moore (6562 Hollywood Blvd)34.101486-118.333252
Maria Callas (1680 Vine St)34.101513-118.326759
Mariah Carey (6270 Hollywood Blvd)34.101616-118.326263
Marilyn Monroe (6774 Hollywood Blvd)34.101479-118.338341
Marlon Brando (1765 Vine St)34.103462-118.326950
Martin Scorsese (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101719-118.340538
Matt Damon (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101601-118.339874
Matthew McConaughey (6931 Hollywood Blvd)34.101685-118.341461
Melissa McCarthy (6927 Hollywood Blvd)34.101700-118.341728
Meryl Streep (7018 Hollywood Blvd)34.101460-118.341705
Michael Douglas (6259 Hollywood Blvd)34.101784-118.326591
Michael Jackson (6927 Hollywood Blvd)34.101765-118.341263
Michael Keaton (6931 Hollywood Blvd)34.101658-118.341461
Michelle Pfeiffer (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101746-118.340378
Mickey Mouse (6925 Hollywood Blvd)34.101681-118.340981
Miles Davis (7060 Hollywood Blvd)34.101452-118.343765
Milo Ventimiglia (6562 Hollywood Blvd)34.101471-118.333221
Minnie Mouse (6834 Hollywood Blvd)34.101460-118.339844
Muhammad Ali (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101757-118.340492
Nancy Sinatra (7000 Hollywood Blvd)34.101437-118.341835
Nat King Cole (6659 Hollywood Blvd)34.101776-118.335419
Neil Diamond (1750 Vine St)34.103184-118.326714
Neil Patrick Harris (6243 Hollywood Blvd)34.101795-118.325966
Nicolas Cage (7021 Hollywood Blvd)34.101692-118.342979
Nicole Kidman (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101723-118.340454
Oliver Stone (7013 Hollywood Blvd)34.101742-118.342163
Orson Welles (1600 Vine St)34.100357-118.326653
Patrick Swayze (7021 Hollywood Blvd)34.101681-118.343094
Paul McCartney (1750 Vine St)34.103172-118.326675
Paul Newman (7060 Hollywood Blvd)34.101467-118.343765
Penelope Cruz (6834 Hollywood Blvd)34.101490-118.339897
Peter Jackson (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101707-118.340355
Phil Collins (6834 Hollywood Blvd)34.101501-118.339806
Pink (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101688-118.340515
Queen (6356 Hollywood Blvd)34.101543-118.328651
Quentin Tarantino (6927 Hollywood Blvd)34.101654-118.341782
Raquel Welch (7021 Hollywood Blvd)34.101665-118.343201
Ray Charles (6777 Hollywood Blvd)34.101700-118.338654
Reese Witherspoon (6262 Hollywood Blvd)34.101543-118.325790
Renee Zellweger (7000 Hollywood Blvd)34.101471-118.341858
Ricky Martin (6901 Hollywood Blvd)34.101685-118.340446
Ridley Scott (6712 Hollywood Blvd)34.101452-118.336754
Ringo Starr (1750 Vine St)34.103077-118.326714
Rita Hayworth (1645 Vine St)34.101185-118.326996
Robert Zemeckis (6925 Hollywood Blvd)34.101685-118.341232
Robin Williams (6925 Hollywood Blvd)34.101692-118.341263
Rock Hudson (6116 Hollywood Blvd)34.101532-118.323257
Rod Stewart (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101738-118.340385
Ron Howard (6931 Hollywood Blvd)34.101730-118.341393
RuPaul (6652 Hollywood Blvd)34.101444-118.335297
Ryan Reynolds (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101742-118.340439
Sally Field (6767 Hollywood Blvd)34.101704-118.338219
Sandra Bullock (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101608-118.339302
Sarah Silverman (6000 Hollywood Blvd)34.101597-118.320984
Scarlett Johansson (6931 Hollywood Blvd)34.101662-118.341454
Shakira (6270 Hollywood Blvd)34.101562-118.326195
Shania Twain (6270 Hollywood Blvd)34.101562-118.326195
Shirley MacLaine (1617 Vine St)34.100285-118.326965
Shirley Temple (1500 Vine St)34.098312-118.326653
Sidney Poitier (7065 Hollywood Blvd)34.101768-118.344002
Sigourney Weaver (7021 Hollywood Blvd)34.101707-118.343079
Sissy Spacek (6834 Hollywood Blvd)34.101452-118.339836
Snoop Dogg (6840 Hollywood Blvd)34.101635-118.340416
Sophia Loren (7050 Hollywood Blvd)34.101418-118.343628
Special Apollo XI (6200 Hollywood Blvd)34.101704-118.326752
Steve McQueen (6834 Hollywood Blvd)34.101467-118.339874
Steven Spielberg (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101768-118.340401
Stevie Wonder (7050 Hollywood Blvd)34.101448-118.343643
Sting (6834 Hollywood Blvd)34.101482-118.339844
Susan Sarandon (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101730-118.340363
Sylvester Stallone (6712 Hollywood Blvd)34.101524-118.336800
The Beatles (7080 Hollywood Blvd)34.101246-118.344643
The Doors (6901 Hollywood Blvd)34.101700-118.340363
The Simpsons (7021 Hollywood Blvd)34.101719-118.343063
Tim Robbins (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101780-118.340393
Tina Turner (1750 Vine St)34.103168-118.326675
Tom Cruise (6912 Hollywood Blvd)34.101463-118.340683
Tom Hanks (7000 Hollywood Blvd)34.101482-118.341827
Victor Fleming (1719 Vine St)34.102417-118.326988
Vin Diesel (7000 Hollywood Blvd)34.101517-118.341927
Vivien Leigh (6773 Hollywood Blvd)34.101700-118.338448
Whoopi Goldberg (6801 Hollywood Blvd)34.101711-118.340492
Winona Ryder (7018 Hollywood Blvd)34.101429-118.342293
Zoe Saldana (6920 Hollywood Blvd)34.101463-118.340767

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