Towns in Norway

List of Towns in Norway. Click on the place name for more details.

Place NameLatitudeLongitude
Lillesand, Aust-Agder, Norway58.2495008.377200
Hellvik, Rogaland, Norway58.4785545.877748
Olden, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway61.8350306.806556
Askøy, Hordaland, Norway60.4844095.188893
Narvik, Nordland, Norway68.43849917.427261
Sirevåg, Rogaland, Norway58.5038725.801892
Sandland, Finnmark, Norway70.26731921.601418
Lærdal, Norway61.1000337.472323
Forsand, Norway58.9033056.104782
Ålesund, Norway62.4722296.149482
Rolvsøy, Norway59.26549511.017238
Stavern, Norway58.99828710.035595
Barentsburg, Svalbard, Norway78.06504114.214635
Kongsberg, Norway59.6611529.649429
Heggedal, Norway59.78563710.437046
Bodø, Norway67.28035714.404916
Krokstadelva, Norway59.75913610.010187
Trondheim, Norway63.44682710.421906
Bjørkelangen, Norway59.88687111.567574

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