Districts in United States

List of Districts in United States. Click on the place name for more details.

Total Districts found.

Place NameLatitudeLongitude
Robertson County, TX, USA31.030001-96.510002
Union County, MS, the US34.490002-89.000000
Placitas, Sandoval County, New Mexico, the US35.317501-106.451942
Rice Military, Houston, TX, USA29.765934-95.416328
Brooklyn, Portland, OR, USA45.494972-122.655609
Tujunga, Los Angeles, CA, USA34.263302-118.302711
Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA, USA34.150879-118.551651
Sun Valley, Los Angeles, CA, USA34.227444-118.381073
Studio City, Los Angeles, CA, USA34.141323-118.387833
Reseda, Los Angeles, CA, USA34.201115-118.536049
North Hills, Los Angeles, CA, USA34.236206-118.485085
Northridge, Los Angeles, CA, USA34.237923-118.530197
North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA34.187042-118.381256
Mission Hills, Los Angeles, CA, USA34.272259-118.468880
Encino, Los Angeles, CA, USA34.151749-118.521431
South Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA41.739685-87.554420
East St Louis, IL, USA38.624516-90.150642
Onslow County, NC, USA34.667904-77.512085
Florence Park, Tulsa, OK, USA36.135910-95.944733
Cape Neddick, York, ME, USA43.174095-70.609909
Upper East Side, Miami, FL, USA25.830500-80.180374
Ardenwood, Baton Rouge, LA, USA30.448336-91.128960
Skid Row, Los Angeles, CA, USA34.043926-118.242432
Green Valley Ranch, Denver, CO, USA39.783741-104.758385
Warren County, GA, USA33.447041-82.691544
North Raleigh, Raleigh, NC, USA35.884766-78.625053
Wicker Park, Chicago, IL, USA41.908802-87.679596
Retsil, Parkwood, WA, USA47.546257-122.611740
Frontenac, MO, USA38.635609-90.415115
Bayside, Queens, NY, USA40.758556-73.765434
Brandon, FL, USA27.939566-82.286491
Greenbrae, Kentfield, CA, USA37.947632-122.525261
Alum Rock, San Jose, CA, USA37.371067-121.821060
Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY, USA40.645531-74.012383
Wheaton, Wheaton-Glenmont, MD, USA39.039829-77.055260
North Augusta, SC, USA33.501804-81.965118
Little Havana, Miami, FL, USA25.777643-80.237709
Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA, USA32.741947-117.239571
Dolphin Heights, Dallas, TX, USA32.781025-96.735657
Downtown San Jose, San Jose, CA, USA37.335480-121.893028
Maple Grove Estates, Boise, ID, USA43.615231-116.289207
Lennox, Inglewood, CA, USA33.939728-118.352882
Highland Park, MI, USA42.405594-83.096870
Canarsie, Brooklyn, NY, USA40.640232-73.906059
Collingwood Gardens Apartments, Houston, TX, USA29.938885-95.399193
NoMa, Washington, DC, USA38.900497-77.007507
Jackson Heights, Queens, NY, USA40.755684-73.883072
Sun City, AZ, USA33.597538-112.271828
Encanto, Phoenix, AZ, USA33.481136-112.078232
Lafayette Park, Detroit, Michigan, USA42.341179-83.035378

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