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Cities in Greece

List of Cities in Greece. Click on the place name for more details.

Place NameLatitudeLongitude
Volos, Magnesia, Greece39.36666922.933332
Kalamata, Messenia, Greece37.03659822.114401
Komotini, East Macedonia and Thrace, Greece41.12244025.406557
Kallithea, Attica, Greece37.95589423.702099
Corinth, Corinthia, Greece37.94088022.944860
Athens, Greece37.98381023.727539
Glyfada, Attica, Greece37.86504423.755045
Evosmos, Greece40.66613822.903774
Thessaloniki, Greece40.73685122.920227
Lamia, Greece38.89597322.434900
Karditsa, Gerece39.37146421.934891
Arta, Greece39.15824120.987684
Ioannina, Greece39.66502820.853746
Patra, Greece38.24663921.734573
Alexandroupolis, Greece40.84571825.873962
Argos, Greece37.64250922.723160
Lamia, Greece38.90279022.443008
Alexandroupolis, Greece40.84913625.879326
Larissa, Greece39.64345222.413208
Heraklion, Crete, Greece35.34184625.148254
Ermioni, Greece37.38489223.246469

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