States in India

List of States in India. Click on the place name for more details.

Total States found.

Place NameLatitudeLongitude
Tamil Nadu, India11.05982178.387451
Telangana, India17.12318479.208824
Madhya Pradesh, India23.47332477.947998
Haryana, India29.23847876.431885
Chhattisgarh, India21.29513281.828232
Haryana, India29.06577376.040497
Bhitarwar, Madhya Pradesh, India25.79403378.116531
Maharashtra, India19.60119475.552979
Tripura, India23.74512791.746826
Chandoor, Telangana, India17.87485778.100815
Karnataka, India15.31727775.713890
Kerala, India10.85051676.271080
Uttar Pradesh, India28.20760979.826660
Assam, India26.24415692.537842
Maharashtra, India19.66328075.300293
Tamil Nadu, India11.12712378.656891
Karnataka, India15.31727775.713890
West Bengal, India22.97862487.747803
Gujarat, India22.30942572.136230
Odisha, India20.94092084.803467
Rajasthan, India27.39127773.432617
Himachal Pradesh, India32.08420677.571167

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