Towns in Greece

List of Towns in Greece. Click on the place name for more details.

Total Towns found.

Place NameLatitudeLongitude
Kastoria, West Macedonia, Greece40.52074421.271206
Vlichada, Santorini, Greece36.33845925.433325
Chania, –°rete, Greece35.51382824.018038
Avgonima, Chios, Greece38.37691526.022394
Kili, Euboea, Greece38.54027224.060272
Paros, Naoussa, Greece37.08392325.147457
Rovoliari, Greece39.00481021.997837
Mithimna, Lesbos, Greece39.36714626.175146
Adamantas, Milos, Greece36.72601324.446859
Sparti, Greece37.07444822.430241
Milos,Peloponnese, Greece37.57468423.257778
Sepolia, Athens, Greece38.00456623.716091
Pilos, Greece36.91307421.696346
Kassandreia, Greece40.04803823.413450
Kallithea, Greece37.95565423.698765
Metsovo, Greece39.77024821.182861
Edessa, Greece40.80168222.043980
Argostolion, Greece38.17316820.489973
Paros, Greece37.08564425.148832
Nydri, Greece38.70999520.714115
Aigio, Greece38.25054622.081095
Myrtos, Greece35.01312625.593338
Marathokampos, Greece37.73238426.696503
Ermioni, Greece37.38434223.247458

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