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Place NameLatitudeLongitude
Lakkuru, Karnataka, India13.23996377.243294
Anagalli, Karnataka, India13.62682574.723068
Kehnoosa, Jammu and Kashmir, India34.38485074.520668
Tajopur, Uttar Pradesh, India25.91203383.531006
Tiraha, Uttar Pradesh , India25.70623082.538116
Kanoi, Rajasthan, India26.87641170.579102
Mhaswad, Maharashtra, India17.63371774.788589
Goplo, Jharkhand, India24.00820985.519341
Kurwa, Bihar, India25.62892985.408455
Badbahal, Odisha, India20.53591383.552322
Taraiya, Bihar, India26.07256584.883949
Tuitang, Khengjoy, Manipur, India24.03153294.130295
Mangnar, Jammu and Kashmir, India33.67676974.118126
Toraniya, Gujarat, India21.67067170.485832
Naduvapatti, Tamil Nadu, India9.41582377.920319
Ambuj Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India26.13492680.553253
Sapos, Chhattisgarh, India21.75419283.168282
Edathua, Kuttanad Taluk, Kerala, India9.37130676.459953
Dufrigaon, Meghalaya, India25.46939389.951324
Manegaon, Maharashtra, India20.94492576.464195
Mahikavato, Palghar, Maharastra, India19.67777372.764137
Gandrapara Tea Garden, West Bengal, India26.79919189.003593
Rangaon, Vasai West, Vasai, Maharashtra, India19.36996172.776207
Velapur, Solapur, Maharashtra, India17.79560975.054108
Georai Tanda, Maharashtra, India19.78851175.292480
Gidi, Jharkhand, India23.68940585.360085
Avhane, Maharashtra, India21.04572375.514565
Salon, Uttar Pradesh, India26.05012181.443024
Raipur Khas, Uttar Pradesh, India28.04953078.456009
Turkpatti, Uttar Pradesh, India26.76088584.043396
Navha, Maharashtra, India19.91205276.033760
Jehta, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India26.92078080.842102
Nimtita, West Bengal, India24.64842087.973190
Pallibandha, Odisha, India19.39161985.062912
Jategaon, Maharashtra, India19.92397173.647881
Assonora, Goa, India15.62083873.897766
Masit, Uttar Pradesh, India29.16944578.312286
Tulamtula, Odisha, India21.15996086.684143
Pathrauda, Madhya Pradesh, India24.96057181.496544
Kheragarh, Uttar Pradesh, India26.95394777.822510
Kaveed, Vylathur, Kerala, India10.63943676.015007
Shenoy Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India13.06998980.231308
Korriya, Uttar Pradesh, India27.41568080.126106
Basohli, Jammu and Kashmir, India32.50381975.810768
Gagaur, Uttar Pradesh, India29.61425277.249184
Bela to Aso, Bihar, India25.87443486.244240
Saraikhas, Uttar Pradesh, India27.13806282.342720
Bajkul, West Bengal, India22.02489587.822189
Samodha, Uttar Pradesh, India27.11076780.427086
Kalamb, Maharashtra, India18.58419076.021782

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