Cities in Canada

List of Cities in Canada. Click on the place name for more details.

Total Cities found.

Place NameLatitudeLongitude
Montreal, Quebec, Canada45.508888-73.561668
Toronto, ON, Canada43.651070-79.347015
Ajax, ON, Canada43.850857-79.020370
Sudbury, ON, Canada46.493919-80.995415
Lincoln, ON, Canada43.139229-79.484901
Pickering, ON, Canada43.838413-79.086761
Longueuil, QC, Canada45.536945-73.510712
Regina, SK, Canada50.445210-104.618896
Surrey, BC, Canada49.104431-122.801094
Vaughan, ON, Canada43.837208-79.508278
St. Thomas, ON, Canada42.778828-81.175369
Coquitlam, BC, Canada49.283764-122.793205
Whitby, ON, Canada43.897545-78.942932
Richmond, BC, Canada49.166592-123.133568
Kitchener, ON, Canada43.452969-80.495064
St. John's, NL, Canada47.560539-52.712830
Pembroke, ON, Canada45.826653-77.110886
Winnipeg, MB, Canada49.895077-97.138451
High River, AB, Canada50.584435-113.873505
Lévis, QC, Canada46.738228-71.246460
Fredericton, NB, Canada45.964993-66.646332
Laval, Montreal, QC, Canada45.612499-73.707092
VVal-d'Or, QC, Canada48.098709-77.796768
Markham, ON, Canada43.856098-79.337021
Burnaby, BC, Canada49.267132-122.968941
Barrie, ON, Canada44.389355-79.690331
Saint John, NB, Canada45.273918-66.067657
Burlington, ON, Canada43.328674-79.817734
Nanaimo, BC, Canada49.165882-123.940063
St. Catharines, ON, Canada43.159374-79.246864
Fort McMurray, AB, Canada56.732014-111.375961
East York, Toronto, ON, Canada43.691200-79.341667
Chatham-Kent, ON, Canada42.404804-82.191040
Vernon, BC, Canada50.271790-119.276505
Mississauga, ON, Canada43.595310-79.640579
Victoria, BC, Canada48.407326-123.329773
St. John's, NL, Canada47.560539-52.712830
Saskatoon, SK, Canada52.146973-106.647034
Penticton, BC, Canada49.489536-119.589615
Halifax, NS, Canada44.651070-63.582687
Gatineau, QC, Canada45.476543-75.701271
Brampton, ON, Canada43.683334-79.766670
Edmonton, AB, Canada53.631611-113.323975
Milton, ON, Canada43.526646-79.891205
Hamilton, ON, Canada43.255203-79.843826
Windsor, ON, Canada42.317432-83.026772
Quebec, QC, Canada46.803284-71.242798
Welland, ON, Canada42.992157-79.248253
Chilliwack, BC, Canada49.157940-121.951469
Red Deer, AB, Canada52.268112-113.811241

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