Cities in United States

List of Cities in United States. Click on the place name for more details.

Total Cities found.

Place NameLatitudeLongitude
Stuart, FL, USA27.192223-80.243057
San Angelo, TX, USA31.442778-100.450279
Woodbridge, NJ, USA40.560001-74.290001
Clinton, MI, USA42.586945-82.919998
Vista, CA, USA33.193611-117.241112
South Bend, IN, USA41.676388-86.250275
Davenport, IA, USA41.543056-90.590836
Sparks, NV, USA39.554443-119.735558
Green Bay, WI, the US44.513332-88.015831
San Mateo, CA, USA37.554169-122.313057
Tyler, TX, USA32.349998-95.300003
League City, TX, USA29.499722-95.089722
Lewisville, TX, USA33.038334-97.006111
Meridian, ID, USA43.614166-116.398888
Waterbury, CT, USA41.556110-73.041389
Jurupa Valley, CA, USA34.000000-117.483330
West Palm Beach, FL, USA26.709723-80.064163
Antioch, CA, USA38.005001-121.805832
High Point, NC, USA35.970554-79.997498
Miami Gardens, FL, USA25.942122-80.269920
Murrieta, CA, USA33.569443-117.202499
Springfield, IL, USA39.799999-89.650002
El Monte, CA, USA34.073334-118.027496
West Jordan, UT, USA40.606388-111.976112
College Station, TX, USA30.601389-96.314445
Fairfield, CA, USA38.257778-122.054169
Evansville, IN, USA37.977222-87.550552
Cambridge, MA, USA42.373611-71.110558
Richardson, TX, USA32.965557-96.715836
Berkeley, CA, USA37.871666-122.272781
Columbia, MS, USA38.951561-92.328636
Athens, GA, USA33.950001-83.383331
Lafayette, LA, USA30.216667-92.033333
Sterling Heights, MI, USA42.580276-83.030281
Visalia, CA, USA36.316666-119.300003
Hampton, VA, USA37.034946-76.360123
West Valley City, UT, USA40.689167-111.993889
Surprise, AZ, USA33.630554-112.366669
Thornton, CO, USA39.903057-104.954445
Miramar, FL, USA25.978889-80.282501
Murfreesboro, TN, USA35.846111-86.391945
Pasadena, CA, USA34.156113-118.131943
Bridgeport, CT, USA41.186390-73.195557
Paterson, NJ, USA40.914745-74.162827
Rockford, Il, the US42.259445-89.064445
Joliet, Illinois, USA41.520557-88.150558
Escondido, CA, USA33.124722-117.080833
Kansas City, KS, USA39.106667-94.676392
Springfield, MA, USA42.101391-72.590279
Springfield, MS, USA-93.298332-93.298332

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