Towns in Italy

List of Towns in Italy. Click on the place name for more details.

Total Towns found.

Place NameLatitudeLongitude
Castel d'Aiano, Bologna, Italy44.27810311.001818
Monsummano Terme, PT, Tuscany, Italy43.86922110.814644
Aosta, Aosta Valley, Italy45.7349557.313076
Campli, Teramo, Italy42.72739013.687789
Sciacca, Agrigento, Italy37.50666413.089184
Faeto, Province of Foggia, Italy41.32339915.162688
Grottaferrata, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy41.78656812.673591
Gallipoli, Province of Lecce, Italy40.05585117.992615
Caltabellotta, Sicily, Italy37.57574813.218615
Furore, Province of Salerno, Italy40.61533414.551433
Trapani, Province of Trapani, Italy38.02036312.533683
Canazei, Province of Trento, Italy46.47672711.770301
Baveno, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Italy45.9089818.505581
Santa Marinella, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy42.04041711.853200
Todi, Province of Perugia, Italy42.78193712.406569
Jesi, Ancona, Italy43.52419713.249309
Alba Adriatica, TE, Italy42.82706113.929301
Teramo, Province of Teramo, Italy42.66114413.698664
Trinitapoli, Barletta, Italy41.35957716.081959
Montegrotto Terme, Province of Padua, Italy45.33720011.783265
Cervia, Province of Ravenna, Italy44.26355012.347682
Bagnacavallo, Province of Ravenna, Italy44.41973511.976675
Lecce, Province of Lecce, Italy40.34915918.172073
Serdiana, CA, Italy39.3730629.157212
Rho, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy45.5326469.039612
Mottola, Taranto, Italy40.63492617.032961
Bracciano, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy42.10179912.176142
Villa d'Almè, BG, Italy45.7485699.621402
Pulfero, UD, Italy46.17417513.481946
Norcia, PG, Italy42.79167613.094733
Succivo, CE, Italy40.96596514.253130
Voghera, PV, Italy44.9907079.009626
Montallegro, AG, Italy37.39119013.350360
Maranello, Emilia-Romagna, Italy44.52630210.866683
Fiuggi, FR, Italy41.80024013.224269
Ciampino, RM, Italy41.80242512.602139
Tuscania, VT, Italy42.41737411.878281
Tarquinia, VT, Italy42.25418511.757568
Ladispoli, RM, Italy41.94989812.076104
Monterotondo, RM, Italy42.05179212.618903
Mascalucia, Sicilia, Italy37.57546615.048507
Pennabilli, RN, Italy43.81764612.265999
Caccamo, PA, Italy37.93137713.665214
Ginosa, Taranto, Italy40.57763316.756388
Rosolini, SR, Italy36.82155214.952956
Morbegno, Sondrio, Italy46.1368759.569285
Baranzate, Milan, Italy45.5282219.114030
Navacchio, Pisa, Tuscany, Italy43.68724110.486193
Castelmezzano, PZ, Italy40.52862516.045490
Fiera di Primiero, TN, Italy46.17577011.828380

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