Cities in Australia

List of Cities in Australia. Click on the place name for more details.

Total Cities found.

Place NameLatitudeLongitude
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia-26.650000153.066666
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia-28.016666153.399994
Melbourne, VIC, Australia-37.840935144.946457
Adelaide, SA, Australia-34.921230138.599503
Launceston, TAS, Australia-41.429825147.157135
North Adelaide, SA, Australia-34.906101138.593903
Townsville City, QLD, Australia-19.258965146.816956
Cairns City, QLD, Australia-16.925491145.754120
Perth, WA, Australia-31.953512115.857048
Mildura, VIC, Australia-34.206841142.136490
Ziyou Today, Greenvale, Victoria, Australia-37.649967144.880600
Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia-30.296276153.114136
Orange, NSW, Australia-33.283577149.101273
Bendigo, VIC, Australia-36.757786144.278702
Albury, NSW, Australia-36.080780146.916473
Wollongong, NSW, Australia-34.425072150.893143
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia-12.462827130.841782
Terrey Hills, NSW, Australia-33.683212151.224396
Bankstown NSW, Australia-33.917290151.035889
Westmead, NSW, Australia-33.807690150.987274
Brisbane, QLD, Australia-27.470125153.021072
Gladstone QLD, Australia-23.843138151.268356
Phillip ACT, Canberra, Australia-35.343784149.082977
Gosford, NSW, Australia-33.425018151.342224
Mount Gambier, SA, Australia-37.824429140.783783
Sydney, NSW, Australia-33.865143151.209900
Glenore Grove, Queensland, Australia-27.529953152.407181

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